Deer Trail resident hosts drone hunting practice

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DEER TRAIL, Colo. -- On a beautiful, sunny day, with few clouds in the sky, Phil Steel is holding a drone-hunting demonstration on the outskirts of Deer Trail.

In a mock setting, Steel is firing up dozens of Estes rockets, which might mimic real drones. Then the target practice begins.

He has authored an ordinance which would make it legal to hunt drones within the town’s limits on the eastern plains.

It is all part of Steel’s symbolic stand against government surveillance.

He has even created novelty licenses to “hunt and kill drones operating within the sovereign airspace of the town of deer trail.”

Reportedly, close to a thousand people have applied for the license.

Some in favor of the ordinance, say money generated by license registration would help a town in need of a boost.

The town votes on the ordinance, Dec. 10.



  • JJ

    I have to wonder how smart this guy is, shooting into the air like that, with no way to know where his bullets are landing.. Shotgun pellets are one thing, but Rifle and pistol bullets? This genius is not the responsible gun owner I want splashed all over the news.. :-(

  • Tiffany

    The town is NOT deciding this issue on December 10. No vote has been set because the legality of his petition is being challenged in court. Many board members have and are continuing to act in an illegal manner. I find it ironic that a man so hell bent on privacy has built a tower in his front yard that he climbs and looks down upon his neighbors.

  • Llola

    This guy is an idiot! The news needs to stop feeding his ego by broadcasting about such a ridiculous topic. Why not focus on something with some actual significance??

  • CC

    What is your recommendation Llola? Illegal immigration, worst government rule in history, illegally forcing people to carry health insurance, etc…

  • Phillip Steel

    To JJ, I have to believe that you are not very informed regarding handguns. The revolver shown is a Taurus Judge. It is firing .410 shotgun shells into the air. I would never shoot a slug into the air.

  • Phillip Steel

    To Tiffany: The town is indeed holding a special election on December 10th to decide the matter. The election date was set two months ago. You need to do your research.

  • Phillip Steel

    Dear Llola, if you do not consider unwanted surveillance and the largest federal power grab in the history of the United States, a significant topic, then I have to wonder what would be of interest.

  • Phillip Steel

    Oh, yes Dear Tiffany… I am so happy you admire my tower. It has a 31 foot tall fireman’s pole. It is the highest structure in town except for the water tower. If you can spend more than two decades in the steel industry, learn to weld and understand the many industry codes well enough, perhaps you can build your own. You can also stop by my house and ask me. I can build one for you. While you are looking at my work, you might as well say hello to my pit-bull, “Typhus”. He is very friendly. Also, please smile. My property is under constant video surveillance.

    Phillip Steel (Author and drone killer)

  • Test

    I was in the military and I do think you could bring down smaller drones with a shotgun. A shotgun can shoot pellets in a wide range of sizes. I would guess that the Tungsten pellets designed for goose hunting would be more than adequate for most drones under 12′ wingspan.

    You only have to disable the propellers, no propulsion … it comes down.

  • SloCatch

    Let’s see; guy shooting hand gun upward while telephone poles and road in area, the handgun shoots discs that are similar to slugs but in multiples, guy has pit bull, guy builds observation tower, guy responds in a very negative manor to neighbors, guy upset with Gov., guy cannot take a hint, guy hates surveillance but his property is under surveillance, guy fires estes rockes in dry brush enviorment with out fire extinquisher present…….?
    I for one want to see drones used, they are most generally used by the good guys looking for fires, bad guys, accident victims, people in need of help, directing people to those in need of help, wildlife observation, code infractions, hiding criminals on the run, traffic law offenders, hit and runs, break ins and on and on.
    Build a taller tower and keep an eye on this guy red flags all over the place.

  • SloCatch

    In another life 40 years ago some of our helicopters had infra-red and color spectrum equipment capabilities that would now have been handed down to our State and Local Governments. That equipment is very capable of spotting one illegal pot plant in a field of corn or a grow room inside of a house easily. The drones of today are more than likely utilizing them. Some might consider this a good thing, some might not.

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