Earning the Badge: Inside the Denver Police Academy

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DENVER -- The Denver Police Department is hiring new recruits for the first time in five years.

The department gave FOX31 Denver News unprecedented access to the academy while the first class of 30 recruits went through months of rigorous training that would lead them to becoming police officers.

We were there every step of the way, and you can see what it was like and how it works in our special "Earning the Badge."

Learn more about becoming a Denver Police officer here. You can also get information about Denver Police jobs here.


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  • Fast45

    Required Police Academy Training Classes:
    1. Beating up innocent citizens without reason
    2. Shooting family pets
    3. Elk hunting without a license
    4. Lying under oath, perjury, filing false reports
    5. Seeking police union protection

    Now, you’re ready to “protect and serve.”

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