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Police: PS4 sold via Craigslist in Colo. Springs was actually box of towels

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PlayStation 4 (Photo: CNN Money)

PlayStation 4 (Photo: CNN Money)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Craiglist buyer hoping to get her hands on one of the holiday’s hottest items — a PlayStation 4 — got far less than she bargained for this week in Colorado Springs.

According to police, the woman answered a Craiglist add for a PlayStation 4, hoping to purchase the gaming system as a Christmas gift for her son. She then met the buyer in an unnamed local motel on Tuesday, and the two parties exchanged a PlayStation 4 box for cash.

Police said the woman immediately opened the box to confirm its contents, only to find it was packed full of towels. When she looked up, the suspect was fleeing out the front door with the victim’s cash.

The suspect reportedly sped away in a blue/green Toyota Corolla that was waiting in the parking lot, and is described as a black male standing 5-foot-11 and weighing 150 pounds. He was wearing dark pants and a gray hoodie, which was pulled up to conceal his face, according to police.



  • face-palm

    I have no sympathy for her…….What might have been your first clue it wasn’t a legit transaction?!? Je-sus! People are idiots!

  • WOW

    thats why you always check the item before handing over any cash. and it being a PS4 she should have met him at a best buy to try out the PS4 to make sure it works…i feel bad for the lady but shes the dummy in this situiation…

  • Hy Sami

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  • trust no1

    Everyones a sucker at least once in their life but there were several clues. If anything, I hope she learrns from this because it could have ended a lot worse. I’m sure he wouldve robbed her of the money either way.

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