Mill Dog Rescue

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The National Mill Dog Rescue  is based here in Colorado, and has already saved over 8,000 precious animals.

It has a simple but profound purpose: To rescue dogs from the miserable conditions of the puppy mills we've heard so much about.

Theresa Strader was a nurse for 26 years until she witnessed firsthand the abuses, and decided to devote the rest of her life to the dogs held captive.

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  • Francelle Backstrom

    Theresa is my hero, I have 2 puppy mill survivors from National Mill Dog Rescue and I also repeat “never buy a puppy from a pet store that sells puppies or you will be supporting those horrible puppy mills!”

  • Reta Lane

    She is wonderful and also the organization. I know she couldn’t do what she does without the help of other people. Please share her rescue as she stated that they have 200 dogs that need permanent homes or at least fosters. Also, whenever you see a petition, please sign it. Nothing will change as long as we stay silent.

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