Colorado churches say they fell victim to copier scam

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DENVER -- A Fox31 Denver News hidden camera investigation reveals several area church congregations are praying for a man who is accused of preying on churches.

Fox 31 Denver has tracked down five Colorado church pastors who claim they were duped by copy machine salesman Greg Mosher.

Pastor Pat Barnes with Faith Mountain in Lakewood said Mosher scammed his congregation out of $10,000. Barnes said, “I think ripping off anybody is just wrong.” \

Pastor Jimmy Smith of Stapleton Fellowship Church is another one of the alleged victims.  Pastor Smith said Mosher convinced him to trade his church’s old copy machine for a new one.

In a written contract, Mosher promised to “pay off the existing lease with the bank … and provide a check in the amount of $24,246.”

The check was supposed to cover what was owed on the old copier, but the check never arrived.

Stapleton Fellowship Church owed $24,246 for the old copier and $41,517 for the new machine. “We were totally taken advantage of and ripped off. We called him multiple times, there was excuse after excuse after excuse and ultimately he just disappeared,” said Pastor Smith.

But the Fox31 Denver investigative team found Mosher was not gone for good.

The copier salesman opened  a new business in Parker called Gift Wrapped Copiers International.

According to Gift Wrapped Copiers’ web page, the company boasts about a “gifting program” where Mosher donates copiers to churches. We tried to track down Mosher at the office, but only found a padlocked door.

A Littleton Pastor, who is friends with some of Mosher’s alleged victims, opened his church doors to the copier salesman.

Pastor Mark Kraakevik allowed Fox31 Denver to set up hidden cameras inside The Edge, a church on Garrison Street in Littleton.

We made an appointment with Mosher so he could take a look at the church’s copier machine. Mosher then offered a deal that sounded too good to be true. “That’s going to put almost $13,000 back into this church,” Mosher said.

He said if Pastor Kraakevik signed a lease on a new copier for $200 a month, Mosher would personally make a monthly $200 donation to the church. “We are going to put $13,000 back into this church and for the next 12 months I need tithing envelopes because the money that I save you … is going to come back to a tithe for the next 12 months from my company.” Mosher said.

KDVR Investigative Reporter Heidi Hemmat introduced herself to Mosher and said, “We have heard from several churches that you have scammed them out of tens of thousands of dollars.”

Mosher said, “It’s absolutely false.” Hemmat asked, “So, all these churches that have contacted us are lying?” Mosher claimed “he” was the victim of a bad economy and he admitted some churches lost money.

Hemmat asked, “Do you have any plans to pay back all of these churches?” Mosher said, “I am very glad you asked that because, as a matter of fact, that is in our business plan.”

Mosher said he had made plans to pay back some of his alleged victims, but to this day, none of the pastors we talked to have heard from him.

Pastor Barnes knows exactly what he would do, if he ever got his church’s $10,000 back.  He would fill the church’s food pantry. Barnes said, “We would feed a lot of people.”

But, Barnes is not bitter and instead he is praying for the man who preyed on his church. “I pray that he would come to the realization that what he is doing is wrong and choose to do right,” Barnes said.

Mosher said he is trying to resolve the issues with his alleged victims and would like them to contact him through the following email address:



  • eddie

    Churches exist for the sole purpose of relieving people of their money, so it’s nice to see the tables turned for a change. Congratulations to anybody who could sell them a copier for $41k.


    Greg is the type of man who can look you in the eye smiling and lie to your face. I know from personal experience. He will NOT pay back those churches in full! He has gotten away with this for years and will continue to defraud people in this community.

    It is unfortunate that there are people in the world who are like this.

  • clickman

    Pastor shown greed and lack of loyalty to the OLD copier guy
    they looked to be Shrewed and undercut the copier guy who they prior had worked with

    the story says nothing of that? WHY?

    I have had my customers WHO I had done big favors for do this to me

    The Church does not feel a hired man is worth his pay (the honest copier guy) so they go with the DEAL


    Leviticus 19:13
    “‘Do not defraud or rob your neighbor. “‘Do not hold back the wages of a hired worker overnight.

    Deuteronomy 24:14
    Do not take advantage of a hired worker who is poor and needy, whether that worker is a fellow Israelite or a foreigner residing in one of your towns.

    Deuteronomy 24:15
    Pay them their wages each day before sunset, because they are poor and are counting on it. Otherwise they may cry to the LORD against you, and you will be guilty of sin.

    Deuteronomy 25:4
    Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain.

    Matthew 10:10
    no bag for the journey or extra shirt or sandals or a staff, for the worker is worth his keep.

    Luke 10:7
    Stay there, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages. Do not move around from house to house.

    1 Corinthians 9:9
    For it is written in the Law of Moses: “Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain.” Is it about oxen that God is concerned?

  • clickman

    the funny thing

    when ANY customer is ripped off with this same and common scam that is used on all customers

    they will always call you the old loyal honest guy and want to get you to fix the problem

    and keep the machine running EVEN if and Often it the new machine is not your brand and often OLD used junk

    this too would entail doing them a huge favor that they will fail to appreciate you for

    in less than a year they will forget their person indiscretion in the matter

    CONVINCED they are paying a lease for a good machine

  • Polly O'brien

    “Churches exist for the sole purpose of relieving people of their money, so it’s nice to see the tables turned for a change. Congratulations to anybody who could sell them a copier for $41k.”

    Amen, brother. These churches and Pastors are all pots calling the kettle black. Is it a crime to shyst the shysters?

  • Matt

    Something is wrong with this story. It states that Greg Mosher “opened a new business in Parker called Gift Wrapped Copiers International.” Yet state records show Gift Wrapped Copiers International was started by a Gregory R Hartmann, whom is also listed on their website as CFO. A JR Mosher is also listed as CEO of the company on their website.

    It fails to state that Greg Mosher previously owned National Discount Copiers, Inc, a now defunct business (that reportedly earned an “F” rating from the BBB).

    Did Fox31 interview, or try to interview these other “owners”?

  • Rod

    @Polly and @Eddie – you both must have had bad experiences with churches. Don’t confuse those humans, and their failings, with the purpose of the church. The church is on earth to help us understand the nature of, and worship, God. People are involved, and because they are human, they fail. But your disdain for the people in churches is probably best directed at the human natures that caused them to fail. God loves you, and desires a relationship with you. His nature, and his love, is sometimes revealed through (or despite) his churches, but is also revealed when you seek him. His existence is evident everywhere you look, and failing to acknowledge that requires as much faith as belief in him does. Whether you care or not, I’ll be praying for you both, and hope that you give God another chance, even if it means occasionally dealing with his people.

  • Hy Sami

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  • Terry Benghazi

    Before you go awardingthis guy some kind of twisted Robin Hood trophy, This guy doesnt just scam churches. He lives in his million plus house and He scams everyone he has any dealings with whatsoever, most having very little and just barely getting by. What the Hell is wrong with Colorado that this guy isnt prosecuted for. A clear pattern of fraud. Hes a career con man and belongs behind bars.

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