7 shot in sidewalk shooting in Oakland

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OAKLAND, Calif. — — Seven people were wounded Monday evening in a shooting on an Oakland, California, sidewalk, police said.

The shooter or shooters approached a group and started firing, said Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson.

Authorities do not have a motive.

The wounded are all men, ranging in ages from 23 to 31. Two of them are in critical condition, she said.

Police hope that witnesses will come forward, so they can piece together what happened.

Residents said a barbeque was being held at the time of the shooting, reported the Oakland Tribune.

“This is really kind of outrageous,” Oakland police Chief Sean Whent told the newspaper. “Six o’clock at night isn’t that late at night. So, really pretty brazen stuff on the street corner at that time of day.”

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  • Steve

    I’m sure the firearm used in this shooting was obtained legally too. But the gun grabbers will use this as fuel for the fire to continue to restrict the rights of honest, civilized people who have no intention of ever committing any acts of violence with a firearm. Instead of punishing the just, enforce stricter penalties on the human garbage that commit a crime like this one. If caught, we’d be lucky if a criminal goes away for 15 years for this; where they’ll just learn to be even more useless to society.

  • Travis

    Steve you’re right but if you want easy access to fire arms for your so called law abiding citizens well guess what, it remains easy for everyone to get guns. Whats funny is most bills they try to pass are extensive back ground checks and a registry. Both of which dont affect law abiding gun owners. To your whole no intention of using the fire arm to harm anyone. That’s a mind set that you can’t claim my friend. If that was true they would only sell .22 hand guns for target practice. Hand guns were made to kill people, assault rifles were made to kill people debate it all you want its a fact. Further more do you people realize we equip military trained assassins in mexico? Do you people realize this is one of the only years where the leading cause of murdered police officers is with guns and not cars? 27 cops dead by guns 22 by cars, even k9 cops are dropping like flies to guns. On top of that the type of weapons you can buy is a total joke. No one needs 50 cal sniper rifles, no one needs 50 cal belt fed guns. If you guys are all ok with this then hey keep wearing your NRA t shirt and claim this is freedom. Cause we need our guns when prince William takes over he’s coming for our land! Form your well regulated militia law abiding gun owners drones and president blackzilla is coming! 2013 people wake up our four fathers could have never seen what we are today. Claiming that is like saying the earth is 5,000 years old. Wait, that’s part of the problem.

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