Tech gift ideas: Smartphone add-ons

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If you’re shopping for someone who already has a tricked out smartphone, think accessories.  Sure, a new case or a new set of headphones will work but I found a few unique add-ons that could make the perfect gift.

Ultimate Ears Boom Photo courtesy Logitech

Ultimate Ears Boom Photo courtesy Logitech

Ultimate Ears Boom - $199.99

Ultimate Ears Boom is a slick bluetooth speaker.  It's shaped like a tube and designed to be used vertical or horizontal.  There's a built-in battery.  Charge it up via a micro-USB plug and the Boom will last for 15 hours before it needs more juice.

It can pair up with just about any bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet.  It also has NFC built-in to the side.  This means any NFC enabled phone can be paired up by simply touch the back of the phone to the side of the speaker.  It worked like a charm with my Nexus 4.

The Boom is water resistant so it's perfect for the pool or the bathroom.  It sounds fantastic and blasts the music when turned all the way up.  You can even buy 2 Booms and sync them up with the free app for the ultimate 2 speaker system.

All of these cool features and crisp sound come at a price.  The Ultimate Ears Boom sells for $199.99 and is available in 6 different colors.

TYLT VU Photo Courtesy TYLT

TYLT VU Photo Courtesy TYLT

TYLT VU Qi Wireless Charger - $69.99

Fumbling with your smartphone charger cable in the dark gets old, fast!  Wireless charging is the answer.  The TYLT VU is one of the best Qi wireless chargers available right now.

Qi is a standard for charging phones without a plug.  Simply set the phone (or tablet) on a Qi charger and the phone begins charging.  Problem is, your phone has to be compatible with the Qi standard.  Here's a good list of phones that are Qi compatible.

The TYLT is designed to be versitile.  Unlike other Qi charges, it has multiple charging points so you can place your phone in various positions and it'll charge.  Other Qi charges require very specific placement to get the charge going.

I also like the "TYLT"ed angle.  Most Qi chargers on the market lie flat but the TYLT is designed for your nightstand or desk.  It's angled so you can use it as a desk clock.

The TYLT VU sells for $69.99.

Eye-Fi Mobi Photo Courtesy Eye-Fi

Eye-Fi Mobi Photo Courtesy Eye-Fi

Eye-Fi Mobi Wi-Fi SD Memory Card - $50+

Have you ever wished you could send those high-quality digital camera pictures to Facebook or e-mail them to family and friends without going home and plugging the memory card into the computer?  Eye-Fi is the answer.  It's an SD card with Wi-Fi built-in.

The Eye-Fi Mobi card connects to an app on your Android smartphone or iPhone.  As soon as you snap a picture on your camera the Eye-Fi card uses Wi-Fi to transfer your photos from your camera to your smartphone.  From there you can post to Facebook, E-mail or text those high-quality pics to your friends.

Eye-Fi is easy to setup and easy to use.  You may have to go through and delete photos from your phone periodically depending on how much storage you have on your smartphone.

Eye-Fi Mobi is available in various storage amounts and starts at $50.