Officials ponder where pot smoking should be allowed

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DENVER -- More than a year after Colorado voters pushed to legalize marijuana, the city of Denver is now considering new rules that would prohibit smoking in public view even while on private residential property.

The proposal, which will be presented and discussed during a meeting on Monday, would make it a crime for people to consume marijuana in public view including balconies and patios.

"I know I don't want my kids seeing people getting stoned," said Gina Carbone with the advocacy group Smart Colorado. The group, which prides itself on putting kids first when it comes to marijuana policies, believes the regulations limiting marijuana on private property are important to protect both children and communities.

Not everyone, including many people who pushed for legalization in 2012, believe the proposed measures are necessary in Denver city limits.

"Every member of the Denver city council who votes for this measure better be prepared to explain why it is illegal for an adult to use marijuana openly on their own private property but perfectly legal to drink as much as you want in front of everyone," said Mason Tvert, in an interview with FOX31 on Sunday.

Monday's Denver City Council meeting is set to begin at 5:30 p.m. The meeting is open to the public.



  • quickdraw53

    why make the same mistakes you made with booze and start off very strict on where it is allowed. there is no reason why the people and kids that don’t use pot should have to tolerate any pot what so ever

  • Beth Gonnaget

    Gina Carbone, daughter of the carbone family of sausage stuffers? the same lady who once told me to my face that she does not worry about her children getting into wine she stores in her home because her boys go to catholic school? maybe she should go pray her family doesnt give somebody a pork piggy-lovin heart attack in the privacy of their own home…

  • Cell

    I think this is a bad idea, now we will have to worry about people smoking pot inside with their kids. When outside, other people can make enough room for their self to avoid the smoke, or the smoker can distant him or herself.

  • Joyce

    Illegals should not be an issue. The issue is whether or not we can smoke marijuana in our own front or back yards, which shouldn’t be an issue at all. Private property is private property.

  • Greg McCarter

    Joyce, so if I blare my loud music all hours of the night, on my private property, next to you, you are OK with that.. Well I don’t want your stench in my AO either, nor do I want my kids exposed to it.

    And Illegals are an issue. Just goes to show the lengths that libertards will go to ignore federal law to get votes.

    • Joyce

      Loud music and marijuana are two entirety different issues. I would rather see someone smoking marijuana on their own property then watching s bunch of drunks. I understand you may not agree with the legalization of marijuana it that is not at issue.

  • neal

    If anyone wants to leave them a direct message go to their website:
    And let them know on how you all feel about this! She has no right or business to even bring this up, and I bet anything it won’t become law just because she doesn’t like to see people smoke MJ on their own land! So urge everyone to go to that address and leave Gina one heck of a message!

  • Steve T

    Smoke wherever you want. Period. Only a few will be stupid enough to get caught. Cops are too busy selling drugs at house parties & chasing real criminals. Whoops, I meant eating donuts.

  • SloCatch

    If your neighbor sends a cloud of smoke your way, turn on the garden hose and send a stream of water their way. You will put out the source at their expense. That Pot is very expensive. If the smoke is not coming toward you and you only see them smoking, simply look away.

  • Theresa

    If they are going to ban smoking pot in public then they should ban drinking alcohol in public. Such a double standard. It’s kinda like how they treat smokers and all the bans in place on where you can smoke cigarettes. Bogus!

  • SloCatch

    Watching someone drink in public does not affect my health at all, kind of like watching a man or boy with their pants hanging low. It looks low life, but does not harm me. Smoking in public on the other hand does affect me. 15% of American’s do suffer from repertory problems, mostly the very young and very old. Smoke, even in small amounts can kill! Why should anyone have the authority to inflict that on anyone for any reason?

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