Colorado Springs family seeks justice for boy, kidnapped 27 years ago

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Christopher Abeyta at 7-months-old, and a composite of what he may look like at 27.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado Springs family is calling for justice in a decades-old kidnapping.

Christopher Abeyta was just seven months old when he was taken from his crib in his Colorado Springs home 27 years ago.

“Our case is the coldest case in Colorado Springs,” His father, Gil Abeyta said. “Number one case. Shouldn’t be that. This case should have been solved a long time ago.”

“I’ve got a good imagination so I imagine wonderful happy things and that’s what keeps me going,” His mother, Bernice Abeyta said.

The Abeytas have their suspicions about who took Christopher. Though police officials say no one has been ruled in or out as a suspect, the family says they want the system to go to work. Denise says, “It’s time. We need this grand jury investigation.”

“It’s Christopher’s birthday on Thanksgiving Day this week and so this for him it’s almost in a way a gift,” Christopher’s sister Denise Alva said.

The family held a justice walk Sunday asking for honks of support as they prepare to petition the District Attorney for a Grand Jury investigation.

“This is a message to the community, to the District Attorney, to the police department: Get this thing over with.” Gil said.

Bernice agreed.

“I always think about my father,” she said. “He’s fought in two wars for our country and he fought for freedom and justice for everyone. And I think he’s grandson should have justice.”

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