CU Boulder officials not impressed by controversial party video

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Drinking and drugs play a central role in a new viral video that's stirring up controversy on the University of Colorado Boulder campus.

In just a few days, the video of CU Boulder students partying hard, drinking even harder and smoking plenty of pot has been getting it's fair share of attention.

It was created by a tech start-up called Blend, which is trying to generate interest in its new photo sharing app that promises to give college students free stuff in exchange for posting photos and connecting with marketers.

But not all students say they're impressed, and CU Boulder officials feel the same way.

The new "Be Boulder" ad campaign that just launched was designed to emphasize the many academic accomplishments on campus, and move away from a party school image created by a recent No. 3 ranking by Playboy.

"The University finds the video disappointing because it does not portray the behavior of a majority of our students," university spokesman Mark Miller said.



  • November Reign

    College “kids” acting like idiots… surprising. The only one that was a little surprising is the blonde lady that looked like she’s in her 40’s. If she’s not 40 and she looks that bad now….it’s only going to get worse.

  • Rustafari

    Pearl Street is nothing like it used to be. Went there on Friday night. What a yawner. Just a few empty bars with douchey bouncers at the door. This kids don’t know how to party, work, or study. Lame.

  • John Forsta

    Actually, John Swanson, your taxes really don’t go to CU. The university receives only about 3% of its budget from taxes. The rest, 97%, comes from tuition, public-private partnerships, and research dollars. This creates an environment where more than half the students come from wealthy families. They don’t have to work, they don’t come from diverse backgrounds, and they don’t have much responsibility. They also have plenty of money to spend on booze and drugs.

    Were more tax dollars to go to public education, CU’s enrollment would be more diverse. It would have more students who work, come from non-traditional backgrounds, and who would be more responsible. Tuition would be lower.

    CU is all but privatized. It is a four-year-long country club which happens to offer some classes. Its attrition rate is pathetic, meaning that faculty are under pressure to pass students they wouldn’t have dreamt of passing even a decade ago. It’s all about the money, all about collecting as much tuition as possible.

    The public need to take back control of public education, not privatize it.

  • wakeaj

    Ya so am I the only person who thinks this is a big anti CU video. I mean really you couldn’t find one attractive woman up there? These kids are a few years younger than me but I’m now worried about where the future heads if that’s a video anyone thought was entertaining. Maybe mommy and daddy shouldn’t have funded your stupid site kid.

  • CU Boulder Student

    This video is not representative of the CU body at large.
    I am a senior at CU. I take a full course load, work around 30 hours a week to pay for school and living expenses, and I am involved in many campus programs and functions.
    In a way, I see this video almost as a good thing. It separates the campus into two kinds of students. Those whose intention is to participate in this sort of activity, and those whose intention is to obtain a good education. Being part of the latter group, it’s nice to know that I have the potential to be rewarded for my hard work—even if only in comparison to these juveniles.
    CU is a for-profit institution. With an acceptance rate as high as ours is, it’s no surprise that students like this find their way onto campus. If CU says they think they video is entirely “not-impressive”, then they are flat out lying. This video serves as a marketing tool that reaches beyond what our “officials” are capable of doing. It is an advertisement that will bring even more students here [from California] in hopes that one day they will be able to party like this. CU likes this video. This video and other media platforms like it are what attracts income bases to help pay for the school’s ridiculous construction projects, energy bills, and of course—their salaries.
    CU is going to pretend to act not-impressed, but being impressed is a different thing than being supportive. If they wanted to end this problem from the root-up, they would have adopted a more rigorous application process, ensuring that only a certain type of student joins our community. In the meantime, they’ll let the applicants flood in and smile as our freshman class continues to rise, and average IQ continues to fall.

  • C harris

    Wow CU boulder student, so there is 2 sides to the story? What a well written reply to a one sided story.

    Like all things in life, college is what you make of it. The profs can pass people, and these kids can get their degrees. It will only be later that they find out the real world is not a liberal place in practice. You either produce or you don’t in the work force. It is really that simple.

    I will not pass judgement on any of these kids, as for all I know there are some engineer majors in there that are 4.0 students that know how to party like 21 year olds on Saturday, and handle their business in the classroom from Monday through Friday.

    As many of us on here know, the college years will soon pass, and I am guessing many of the kids on here will be just fine in life… Like most of us did.

  • john swanson

    “Actually your taxes don’t go to CU” “The university only receives 3% from taxes” says, John Forsta,,,,,,ah,,,hmmm,,,,so,,,,,,,does my tax money go there or not John? Or like obama care,,,,3% or 5%,,,is a small amount,,,,so that doesn’t count?

  • Ano

    Haha what a bunch of idiots, Four years my arse try Six years and you graduated from a Party School! Wasted the best years of your life learning to be a Slut.

  • Bo

    Obviously none of you guys attended that rager so what the hell do you know? Hah it was epic as hell! #NoRules #Heatcheck

  • pandakiller

    Really CU Boulder? Bunch of liberal elitists running that school loving the fact it takes 5 to 7 years for these kids to get through school. MORE $$$ … Plus the kids arent better after get that diploma. ..stupid, entitled, & drones for the government.

  • Matt Carvey

    Man oh man you people are ignorant. Did anyone commenting on these posts actually attend college? Well if you haven’t, heres a little update. This is what happens in segments of almost every college in the US. After personally visiting UCSB, CAL, CALPOLY, and Illinois this year, I would actually come to the conclusion that they party even harder than CU Boulder. Also this entire video was shot in ONE day. You are watching ONE tailgate. A skilled film editor can edit a film to portray any image. In this case is was obviously purposely edited to show how hard Boulder parties. Everyone involved in this video is humbled by the amount of attention they are getting, it was the intent of the video. You all are victims!


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