Whistleblower in alleged newborn calves animal abuse case arrested

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WELD COUNTY, Colo. -- The whistleblower who brought to light alleged abuse of newborn calves at a Weld County business has been arrested.

Investigators say Taylor Radig didn't show them the undercover video she shot at Quanah Cattle Company for two months.

Because of that, she's been cited for animal cruelty as well.

"Radig's failure to report the alleged abuse in a timely manner adheres to the definition of acting with negligence and substantiates the animal cruelty charge," A statement from the Sheriff's office says.

Fox 31 Denver talked with legal expert Dan Recht who disagreed.

“The sheriff is suggesting that the person has an affirmative obligation to report any abuse that she saw.  I don't see that in that in the statute,” said Recht.

Three workers in the video Radig shot have been cited by authorities. The undercover footage showed baby cows being pulled by their ears, pushed, kicked and thrown around.

The company has fired those accused of the abuse.



  • Lynda

    They are lucky she reported it, instead of charging her with a crime they should be thankful she finally had the gutts to inform authorities. I believe it’s unfair that she is getting charged for taking two months to inform authorities .. maybe she was afraid to loose her job or get involved in this mess .. little did she know she was better of not saying anything at all.

  • Brian Knelts

    The agriculture business has been desperately trying to stop whistleblowers from revealing the cruelty that happens in their business. This person is being unjustly targeted to take the spotlight away from the company, and people should stand with this person. They’re purposely twisting the law to silence whisteblowers and it’s shocking that the police would go along with this.

  • sherry stott

    Wow I’m in agreement she did the right thing and now this company is definitely trying to cover all their loose ends, keep hiding probably something bigger. Authorities should seriously be thankful she finally had the guts to come forward, she probably was scared to death to come forward!!!!!!! Thank you to this whistleblower’s bravery, she should be awarded for her being so brave to turn in these animal abusers!!!

  • Tara

    If I was on a jury, I wouldn’t convict her. The timely manner was written after the Casey Anthony, the Sheriff is abusing his power on this one. Hope she gets freed then sues the Sheriff for basically trying to find something to charge her with, what’s misuse of justice.

  • dairycarrie

    This story is leaving out the part where this woman is part of the animal rights group Compassion Over Killing. The same group that released the video. The only reason she sat on the video for 2 months was so that they could edit it and release it to make the biggest impact. She absolutely should be charged for allowing the abuse to continue so that her group could profit from it.

  • SloCatch

    How long does it take for the Feds to investigate the drug cartels prior to doing anything tangible about it? I hear all the time that it takes years! During that time, how many lives are ruined? This lady has more courage than those arresting her! Back off from this lady! You should spend the time and effort awarding her a medal; she has done more than Opra! I wish that the calves could be on the jury!

  • Eorge Gorwell

    Serfdom is the status of peasants under feudalism, specifically relating to manorialism. It was a condition of bondage or modified slavery which developed primarily during the High Middle Ages in Europe and lasted in some countries until the mid-19th century.

    Slavery isn’t dead in America, it has just been extended across all races in the US, with the revival of contemporary serfdom. Much like 17th century Europe, the “haves” are now more fully controlling the “have nots” in America.

    County Sheriffs are accountable to large business and landowners. Those who aren’t company owners or landowners are simply “Serfs”, subjected to bondage or modified slavery. This Sheriff is obviously carrying out the will of this large business/landowner “JD Heiskell Holdings” (owner of this cattle ranch).

    This activist threatened JD Heiskell Holdings, and is now paying the price for doing so. JD Heiskell Holdings obviously “owns” the Sheriffs department, and is thus able to control the “have nots”.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

    “People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.” – Edmund Burke

    America is in a state of serious & rapid regression. Monarchy (tyranny) is not far away.

  • dairycarrie

    Who do you think should be in charge of doing investigations? Undercover Animal Rights activists with a bias and an agenda? I would much prefer to have actual investigators from sheriff’s departments and animal welfare officers do the investigating over activists.

  • Revo Lutionary

    The Weld County Sheriffs Department and Quanah Cattle Company – wholly owned subsidiaries of JD Heiskell Holdings.

  • eric

    Methinks that Weld county “crime stoppers” is about to take a serious decline in participation..what’s next? posting the names of anonymous informants on the front page of the newspaper? How about it we just post the names and locations of everyone in the witness protection program?

  • Michelle

    I grew up in Weld county. this is a shame. you would think he would watch is help better, this should of never happened it is your lazy butt that did not keep a eye on your help.

  • SloCatch

    With this reasoning the Weld County Sheriff’s Office is expected to arrest all undercover officers who observe much worse things for prolonged periods of time! His action strongly resembles a “BULLY PUNK”.

  • Kathryn Gotobed

    I had government officials falsify documents & neglect to follow warrant procedures and periodical, then disallow mi witnesses testimony. and out & out lie to me and call me a lair to my face, in front of witnesses..such “authority’ is miss-sued and abused of “power” is already in this county/ in counties.. this is just one sad, sad story…

  • Dania

    Outrageous ! The criminal is who documents the crime?????? I think not! With this logic police should be arrested for reporting me if I commit a crime then!

  • Jerry

    People, read the article before you get your panties in a wad and start commenting. The whistle blower is being charged because she did not report the abuse immediately. She allowed the abuse to go on without reporting it so that makes her an accomplice.

    The sheriff should also charge the animal rights organization for not reporting it immediately too. Why would they wait? Why would they edit the video? This shows they are not concerned about the welfare of the animals. This is similar to charging school officials when they did not immediately report sexual abuse by coaches. Sitting on the knowledge of a crime and not reporting it is wrong.

    Usually, these groups have questionable motives in the first place and they usually are ignorant about animal welfare. The first account I read of this said the calves (called baby cows!) were too young to take from their mothers. This is ignorance. These are dairy calves and they are immediately taken from their mothers since they cannot consume enough milk and the cows must be milked to prevent damage to their udders. The cows will be milked and the calves will be bottle-fed.

  • Mariana Holley

    So for those of you commenting saying that Taylor deserves the charges. If you actually knew her (which she is one of my good friends), you wouldn’t be saying that. She is by far the most beautiful soul I personally know and has nothing but the best of intentions for any living thing. She doesn’t even live in Colorado and turned the information over to Compassion over Killing months ago, so please get your facts straight! She turned in the info, came back to our state and went back to college. There are no questionable motives here, unlike you again I know her! Please do your research before you try having an opinion on someones character!

    • Jerry

      I was not commenting on her character. I was commenting on her action. She should not have given the video to a questionable organization she should have gone to the county Sheriff. Since she did not report the abuse to the proper authorities she is guilty of the abuse continuing. The charges are in order.

      However, the fact that she is working with an organization like Compassion over Killing casts a shadow on her character and her intelligence. Organizations like this are working from a position of ignorance at best. If you check out their web site you find them bragging about shutting down businesses. This of course destroys jobs. They also take a stand against eating meat. It is foolish to not eat meat. I have never yet seen a healthy vegetarian. But for them to try to interfere with other people’s choice is downright evil. This seems to be their motivation, not stopping animal cruelty. Usually they are so ignorant about animals they do not even know what is cruel and what is not.

  • Phil M

    Vegetarians are foolish people? Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, Leonardo DaVinci were perhaps some of the smartest people that ever lived and all were vegetarian. No such thing as a healthy vegetarian? Carl Lewis broke the world record (fastest man on the planet) in the 100 as a vegan and said he never ran faster or felt stronger. The world’s strongest man who just broke the world record for carrying 1500lbs over 20 feet is a vegan. Dave Scott who won the World Championship in the Iron Man Triathalon 5 times ( 2.5 mile ocean swim, 100 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run) holds the world record for the most wins and is a vegan. The list goes on and on. Your comment that only fools are vegetarian and there are no healthy vegetarians is ludicrous and demonstrates how little you and many other people know about the matter.

    The footage shown on the newscast pales in comparison to the rest of the footage the woman got. The newscast showed the most mild infractions so as not to shock the viewers or more likely not show the complete truth. The whistleblower was in there at risk of her personal safety. And being a person who cares for the welfare of animals it was extremely difficult for her to do what she did. So much of the world wants to keep their heads buried in the sand and ignore the abuse so they can have a personal ‘choice’ to keep the killing and abuse in the dark. If it was a puppy mill the outrage would be far and wide. Thomas Jefferson said that you can judge the savagery of a society by the way it treats animals. Wonder what he, a compassionate vegetarian, would think of our factory farms that kill 41 million cows a year so people can exercise their free choice.

  • Ill Logic

    Hey Jerry, you have anything you want to say back to Phil M about that whole unhealthy vegetarian thing?
    Hm…makes me wonder whose facts we can REALLY trust.
    Either way, you likened Taylor’s actions to those of a coach who does not immediately report abuse. What say you of undercover police who watch actions go on for YEARS before they move?

  • Jerry

    Thomas Jefferson was not vegetarian. I did not check on any of the others. If you lie about one you may lie about all.
    I said to not eat meat is foolish. I did not say people who do not eat meat are foolish. Meat is an excellent source of protein. People I know who adopted a vegetarian diet were eventually told by their doctors that do to health problems they were having they needed to eat some meat. They all were interested in their health and followed their doctors’ advice.
    Again, anyone I have known who followed a vegetarian diet always looked unhealthy until they went back to meat.

    However, this article is not about diet it is about right and wrong. It was wrong for the whistleblower to take the evidence to some organization with an evil agenda to be edited instead of taking it to the sheriff. Editing is tampering with the evidence. Waiting to go to the sheriff allowed the alleged abuse to continue longer so she was guilty of aiding animal abuse.
    I wonder if the sheriff got to see unedited copies of the evidence. This gal had an agenda so I would not be surprised if she egged the others on to get the abuse going so she could “document” it.

    Logic, this is not about the police but since you ask I have a very low opinion of police since most of them are corrupt.

  • Katie

    Those of you who say people should spend a year working on a dairy farm or raising cattle, maybe you should spend a year (though I doubt you would survive that long) being one of those cows. All of this animal abuse takes place because companies think there is a need for mass production, when in reality, a good bit of meat and dairy products are wasted. It’s ridiculous.

  • Katie

    Also, you can argue that this tape was edited by an organization with the wrong agenda, but that organization did not MAKE those people on the tape treat those animals that way. No matter how the order of events on the tape was portrayed, THEY STILL HAPPENED. You can’t “tamper” with the evidence that can PLAINLY be seen.

    • Jerry

      Katie, there is very little abuse taking place on livestock farms.
      Katie there is no reason whatsoever for an organization to edit a tape of alleged abuse in the first place. Show it to the sheriff just the way it was shot and do it as soon as possible without showing it to someone else first.

      As I said before she may have encouraged the other employees to do the abuse and she had to get that part edited out.

      Nobody is arguing that animal abuse is good the argument is about who all was involved in this abuse. The sheriff decided that three men and one woman were involved and I stand in agreement with the sheriff.

  • Robert

    I haven’t eaten animals, fish or eggs since 1971. I don’t need to; I’m doing fine. I’m 66. I love animals. They’ve been some great friends.

  • Jerry

    I do not eat animals either. I do eat meat and eggs.

    We have 3 orphan kitties. One day one of them caught 2 mice. It ate the first one right away. After catching the second one it played with it for quite a while the mouse was injured quite a bit and kitty finally started to eat it. An older cat always starts with the head so it kills the food animal quicker. This little kitty started eating at the butt while the mouse was still alive.

    Many animals eat other animals and they do it in cruel ways. Coyotes start eating on the butt of an animal I have found and had to kill baby calves when coyotes have eaten a big hole out at the rectum of a calf.

    I have had some great animal friends too. But many animals are our enemies.

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