Police: Officer shoots shoplifting suspect in leg, is injured in fall

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AURORA, Colo. -- An Aurora police officer shot a man suspected of shoplifting after a confrontation Friday afternoon.

Police said they were notified about a shoplifting incident at a Best Buy at E. Mississippi Avenue and S. Abilene Street.  Officers got a description of the shoplifter's car and saw it on Interstate 225, police said.

They pulled the car over one exit north on Alameda Avenue and began talking to the man. He's identified as 26-year-old Johnathan Steele.

While one officer was running the suspect's plates through the police computer system, another officer was standing by the right passenger door of the suspect's vehicle.

A "confrontation" happened and the officer shot Steele in the leg, said Cassidee Carlson of the Aurora Police Department.

The suspect drove away and the officer fell, hitting his head on the pavement, Carlson said.

The officer was taken to a local hospital for treatment. His injuries are not severe, police said.

Other officers found the suspect at Iliff and I-225 and took him into custody.

Steele was in jail Friday night charged with second-degree assault and vehicular eluding causing injury. Both charges are class 4 felonies. He's being held on  $50,000 bond.



  • Steve

    I grow up this kid and the last guy on the video is an idiot Jono wasn’t living out of his car he is a trust fun kid and his parents live a million dollar home so the guy who say this hits close to home is a lier and doesn’t really know Jono steel I have known the kid for 20 years

  • bobalouie

    So if he was stealing stuff from a store and knocked a cop down with his car does it make a difference if he’s living in his car or a million dollar home?

  • Steve

    No it doesn’t but the fact is he is addicted to h and he has se problem but he is not a homeless person by any means

  • Steve

    And the cop should not have pulled the trigger over headphones are law enforcement love using there guns and I’m beating they will be getting sued for that one his family is very wealthy

  • bobalouie

    And a heroin junkie that has parents who live in a million dollar home can steal from them and not from electronics stores and try to run down cops. Your “friend” of 20 years is a criminal who put other people in danger. If the officer felt threatened and was about to be, and apparently was, hit by a car it sounds like he’s justified by law. So crude that you comment about a lawsuit when you admit that he was stealing and is a junkie who is probably guilty of the crime.

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