New Belgium makes HLN list of companies ‘we’d love to work for’

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New Belgium Brewery's setup at the 2013 Great American Beer Fest (Photo: Facebook / New Belgium Brewery)

New Belgium Brewery's setup at the 2013 Great American Beer Fest (Photo: Facebook / New Belgium Brewery)

Free beer makes a happy employee? That’s just one of the perks being offered by one of these eight companies that landed on an HLN list for their efforts to make their employees happy by offering great perks.

Check out those eight companies below, one of which just happens to be in Colorado.

1. New Belgium Brewing
The Colorado-based brewery sends its employees to Belgium on their fifth anniversary of working for the company. Talk about team-building! As for the day-to-day perks, each worker gets a shift beer at the end of the day.

2. Pinterest
Stressful projects and hostile co-workers can really take a toll on your body. Pinterest helps their employees relax by offering on-site yoga and massages.

3. Rigor
The Atlanta-based startup provides a fleet of razor scooters for its employees to ride around the office. The company also has a “no vacation tracking” policy. Craig Hyde, the president of Rigor, says the startup has one guideline when it comes to vacation: “Be reasonable.” Hyde estimates the average employee takes between 10 to 20 days off a year.

4. MailChimp
In addition to ordering pizza everytime it rains, the company also gives its employees monkey hats for themselves and small animals.

5. Etsy
The online marketplace for crafters and artisans encourages its employees to get creative at work! The company has a program called “Etsy School,” where co-workers teach each other a skill or craft. This semester’s classes include DJing 101, Hardware Hacking and Know Your Knots.

6. Dropbox
The company, which offers you online storage space, offers its employees a way to dance off the daily tension with an on-site “Dance Dance Revolution” machine. But that’s just the beginning, they also provide a complete music studio so employees can jam out… or maybe even start a band. We like the sound of the “Dropbox Murphys.”

7. Airbnb
“Here’s $2,000, now go somewhere” is what Airbnb tells their employees once a year. The website that allows users to post and search for accommodations around the world, encourages all its employees to travel every year by giving them a little money to do so.

8. Google
Fido doesn’t have to sit at home alone all day, when you work at Google. The canine-friendly company allows employees to bring their dogs to work. But, sorry cat lovers, according to Google’s dog policy, your feline friend has to stay at home.

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