Colorado man has Kennedy history collected in saved newspapers

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- His name is Kirk Douglas and for the past 50 years he has kept newspapers from three days that shook the world.

“I knew they would be important someday and so I told myself to put several copies of the day President John F. Kennedy was killed in a plastic bag and have only opened it two or three times over the years,” said Douglas. “I opened it to show my wife and the kids but very few have ever seen these papers.”

His collecting historic headlines even led wife Gloria to begin her own collection, she has Challenger and 9/11 covers of her own.

Collecting history is often fun but with more and more papers going electronic—like the Denver Post is going—it won’t be long before there will be no more newspapers to collect.

“The Rocky is gone and who knows how long others will be around,” said the self-described ‘collector.’

This reporter has a few magazines and papers from ‘back-in-the-day’ as well. It was interesting looking not at just the headlines with Gloria and Kirk, but the whole paper as well.

“Look how much hamburger was … 58-cents a pound, a Cadillac for $1,200, and gasoline was 30-cents a gallon, WOW!” Gloria says.

But the story on this 50th anniversary of the killing of Kennedy, as Kirk put it, “Is a day the world became more dangerous.” Then MLK, RFK, and Malcolm X ... how did we begin hating ourselves so much?”

50 years in plastic … a story we all wish would have never made it to print.

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