2-alarm fire destroys Longmont apartment building

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- A 2-alarm fire destroyed an apartment building in Longmont and left two dozen people without homes.

Firefighters say the fire started in a chimney late Thursday night.

“A man passing by yelled your building is on fire!” said resident Mike Grundvig, who was outside having a smoke before bed. “I looked up and man flames were shooting from the building. I ran to unit 1 {where the fire began} and began banging on the door. I got him out of the tub just before the ceiling collapsed. Then from unit 2 a woman who was taking a shower ran out naked with kids in her arms, this was a real mess. That’s when things exploded and the fire raced through all six units.”

Neighbors say their windows shook and rattled when the building next door exploded.

“First floods, the creek is at the end of the block, and now this? How crazy!” said Agnes Olivas.

Investigators say 26 people were living in the six units, they all got out in time. Smoke detectors were working, and the building was built before code required sprinklers.

Crews from as far away as Boulder answered the call for help. The cause has been determined to be accidental.


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