New procedure helps patients with sinus problems

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New procedure helps patients with sinus problems

New procedure helps patients with sinus problems. Sinus balloon unclogs airways

DENVER — Sinus problems can be difficult to deal with, but clogged airways can affect your health well beyond the occasional headache and stuffy nose.

Doctors in Colorado now have a breakthrough procedure that uses a balloon to open the airways.

One sign that you have permanently blocked nasal passages is if you seem to struggle during exercise. Usually the more you work out, the easier it gets, but if you’re still having a hard time after several weeks,  it could be because you’re not getting enough oxygen into your lungs.

Dr. Bart Knox at the Colorado ENT and Allergy Center uses the sinus balloon procedure to clear nasal pathways in a matter of minutes.

Dr. Knox says, “The sinus openings are narrow, the bone is thin … eggshell thin … and covered by a mucous membrane. We inflate the balloon and it expands the opening and when it heals it heals more open.”

The procedure takes about 20 minutes and patients are generally able to return to work the following day and are fully recovered in a matter of weeks.