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Group threatens to sue charter school over students’ charitable project

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HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. -- The season of giving is already getting "Scrooged" for some school students in Highlands Ranch. At least that's what many of them and their parents say.

The students were planning their annual drive for children in need when another group came forward threatening to sue the school if the charity drive continued.

But the students are getting creative to avoid the legal battle their school can't afford and keep the holiday spirit alive.

The students at Sky View Academy Charter School are collecting items for children who might not otherwise get anything for Christmas. A religious message accompanies the package that is given. And that is what brought a letter threatening to sue the school.

FOX31 Denver's Tammy Vigil has all of the details in her video report.

Get more information about the students' project for Operation Christmas Child here.



  • DBL-R

    Another example a bullying tactic by American Humanist to impose their beliefs on others. This is what leads to the deterioration of American society and a destruction in family values. Shame on the bullies, they prey on the weak who are only trying to do good for the less fortunate.

  • MSG Chuck

    Dear DBL’s

    The Church is the one who is preying on the weak….Remember Science flew us to the Moon…..Religion flew planes into buildings

  • Sean

    This isn’t a case of “Freedom of Religion” but rather an issue of Separation of Religion and State. If this was a privately run school then they may do what they will, but on the other hand since this is a public school then they must follow the established guidelines. It’s not a matter of what one group or another believes or wants it is the law. I applaud the children for doing this on their own or in their church which is where it should have been to start with.

  • DBL-R

    thank you for the clarification, I didn’t realize that the gift packages were quid pro quo and these children would be subjected to religious servitude. Science didn’t fly us to the moon, men did. Religion didn’t fly a plane into a building, men did. Why one chooses good over evil, we will never know, but at the end of the day all we can hope for is that good prevails, as there is evil all around us. Just turn on the nightly news.

  • AWCO

    Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    No where in the 1st amendment does it say separation of church and state, sadly, many Americans have let others do the thinking for them and have bought into this inaccurate description of what it says.

    “Science didn’t fly us to the moon, men did. Religion didn’t fly a plane into a building, men did.” Humans make decisions every day–some good, some bad, but THEY decide how to use their skills, talents, time, and resources. Thank you DBL-R for acknowledging that people make choices, some are individual stand alone ones and some are collective. While outside influences can be overwhelming and sway the final decision, people are still responsible for the final outcome.

    “…religious excrement…”

    Fact and opinion, sadly, a “middle school teacher” doesn’t know the difference between the two.

  • Keith

    MSG Chuck – Excrement? Yeah, helping those less fortunate is excrement? So you applaud a move to shut that down. I bet you wouldn’t lift a finger to help someone less fortunate. But that’s not enough for you, you want to impede someone that would. Good job!

  • mario

    Aaaaaaand. The liberal Teacher just lost. But I would commend the several non answers and vitriol spread by the “teacher”. Who is posting….on a school day….from work?…does your superintendent know?

  • South-Wood

    From a spiritual perspective, these students are merely acting out of a spirit of mercy. Mercy for those less fortunate. And there is one person that hates God’s mercy more than anything else. MSG – your opposition to merciful acts is a clear indication that the religion you so fiercely deny in fact exists. Anyone who denies God’s mercy will not receive it on the last day. I pray for your own sake that you are given the grace of conversion and repentance.

  • Ana C

    First they complain because youth has gone wild and now when youth is doing something positive people still complain. You cant win for loose.

  • MSG Chuck

    hey Mario:

    Liberal…..Wrong again as a 32 year retired Army MSG I doubt if I would be classified as Liberal. It is just when I see “Christians” I see “stupid” written on their foreheads. More death and destruction has been caused by the “religious” elements in the world than all their “merciful” acts can erase.

    The only God is gravity…it created all you see. :-)

  • Dan

    Wow, these posts are a little out of control. I applaud the news for reporting on this idiotic suit to try and stop some kids from helping those less fortunate. It’s no wonder that it’s a Christian organization that is trying to help and an anti-Christian group trying to block it. Maybe the Humanist Association should use thier resources to help and not hinder.

  • MSG Chuck


    One other thing, your reference to my Superintendent is amusing. We teachers are great at multitasking. My science students are doing just fine right now….without any “God”

  • dora Baumgard

    The children are doing the right thing. God belongs in everyones heart and those children are doing a good job of showing it. Leave to a child to lead the way. To bad so many grownups don’t feel the way a child does. Uncondistional love

  • Mario

    MSG Chuck,

    Just because you say you are retired Army doesn’t count for diddly when it comes to the fact that you are supporting a liberal virtue. Secularism. If you considered yourself any sort of real “free thinker” (scientist) you would realize that everyone should be entitled to say and believe in what they choose to based on their own experiences and reasoning. You apparently to not and thus reject it, you close yourself off. And then you choose to compound your closed-minded world view and degrade anyone else that doesn’t think like you. That is another characteristic of liberalism. Finally, you use ridicule and use classic denigration, thinking that it makes your position all that much stronger. Yet another characteristic of liberalism. So using those 3 observations, I did indeed conclude you were a liberal. If I am wrong, I’m really not that sorry. You did it to yourself, multitasking.

  • Jenn

    As a result, many people came together as a community in support of this cause. More kids will receive shoe box treasures and perhaps the ultimate gift. Thanks, AHA.

  • andrew

    people are missing the point , it is not to stop these kids from doing a wonderful thing , it is that the school is not the proper venue !


    More evidence that “Liberal’s” actually hate helping the less fortunate, unless 1) They can make someone else pay for it… and 2) They get all the credit for it.
    The “Tolerant” Left is at it again.

  • kw

    What this case and many others that are taking religion out of our society has made me realize this country does have a government sanctioned religion, it is Atheism. There are Atheist mega-churches popping up throughout the country after finding success in Great Britan. So why can’t we see that the offended Atheist is the one that always gets their way. This would mean the government does impose a religion and it is Atheism.

  • Jackson Waters

    The American Humanist Association Marxists inhabit pricy digs very close to the U.S. capitol and are prominently seen rustling through the President’s corridors. They don’t have much anti-God work to do at the White Hose because the current inhabitants there are mostly atheists or anti-Christian Muslims. The AHA don’t knock Mohammedans for fear of their lives. They spend much time tilting at Christian windmills. Since there are signs of God everywhere and they’re not really stupid, they suffer from “infuriation disease”. They’re perpetually infuriated at Christians, because these believers appear to be generally contented, whereas AHA’ers are constantly terror-haunted. For Christmas, I suggest they read 17th Century French mathematician Blaise Pacal’s essay Pensees“. His answer as to whether God exists or not is: “Belief is a wise wager. Granted that faith cannot be proved, what harm will come to you if you gamble on its truth and it proves false? If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, then, without hesitation, that He exists.” …..Merry Christmas to the bighearted kids at Sky View and to the poor kids receiving their Christmas gifts.

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