Woman arrested in connection with hit-and-run that seriously injured CSU student

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Police have arrested the driver accused of hitting a Colorado State University student who was riding his bike on Nov. 6.

Fort Collins police arrested Amanda Miller, 31, of Cheyenne, Wyo. late Friday night in connection with the hit-and-run that seriously injured 21-year-old CSU student Michael Patterson.

Police responded to the intersection of Laurel and Shields streets just after 6 p.m. on Nov. 6, after reports that a car hit a cyclist and then drove off.

The investigation revealed that both the cyclist and a white sedan with were traveling north on Shields Street, when the cyclist turned in front of the car and was hit.

According to police, the driver of the sedan stopped and got out of her car for a short period of time before getting back into her vehicle and leaving the scene.

Investigators later found that Miller was driving a white 2003 Infifiti sedan at the time of the accident.

Miller was arrested on a felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident involving serious bodily injury.

Patterson was taken to the Medical Center of the Rockies and treated for serious injuries after the accident. He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

Police are not releasing a mug shot of the suspect at this time because the incident is still under investigation.



  • Carolyn gallaher

    Justice for some, not for others, is injustice for all.
    Don’t necessarily blame the pedestrian and the cyclist, the city could be responsible for the accident. As in my daughter’s case, Melissa Noel Gallaher, who was hit by a car at the corner of Mulberry and Peterson. When I was told by the lady on the corner of the street that many accidents had a occurred at this intersection. I began to look more closely at this intersection. I discovered that a normal traffic light was being using as an Emergency Vehicle Traffic Light. This light was kept green continuously. Then the City had designed the intersection with amenities. Amenities are called level of services provided for the pedestrian to navigate safely around the City of Fort Collins. At this particular intersection where my daughter was hit at, four of the five levels of service were there, curb cuts, handicap ramp, street grade, and a street light, all there to suggest to my daughter that it was safe to cross at this intersection. This set up was not safe, it was a hazard. This ongoing green light put my daughter in harms way. This I believe was the number one reason for her death. But the real crux of the matter, is that when I discovered that this intersection was a hazard, that it did not comply with MUTCCD Regulations, I went to the City of Fort Collins. I told them what I had found out, I filed a claim against the City. They denied my claim and said, the Traffic Light was okay. Finally after two and half years, I got attention from Bruce Friedman from NHTSA in Washington. He immediately contacted the traffic engineer, they brain stormed on how to correct this traffic light to comply with the MUTCCD Regulations set forth in Chapter 4. To me there is not much brain storming, there is only two choices. The Traffic Light has now been changed. The City said, it had nothing to do with my daughter deaths. I beg to differ with that fact, it is because my daughter died that I contacted Bruce Friedman, it is because of Bruce Friedman that the Traffic Light has been changed. But the problem is this is Traffic Safety 101, this was clearly a hazard. The City of Fort Collins left this hazard in play even after it was brought to their attention. Even after Bruce Friedman talked to them, It took a few months for them to change. I am sorry but if someone tells me that a water is on the floor, I better go wipe it up immediately. I think everyone in the City who knew the facts of this flawed street design, and who made the decision not to change it or settle with our family should be fired from their jobs. There is no excuse for leaving a hazard in place, especially when someone has been killed from this flaw. I am sorry Joe, but you need to be fired, as well as Greg, Darrin and Lance, you all knew about this hazard. I will always remember the article, Treading Safely, if it works don’t change it, I will look it up again. But bottomline, it doesn’t work, Joe. Fort Collins is not safe. I think someone from NHTSA needs to come look at every intersection in Fort Collins to see what the real problem is, Why are there so many accidents in the deemed safest City of America?

    Why is the patient who is severely injured in Fort Collins taken away from immediate Care, PVH, house to a Specialized Neuroscience Center, equipped with helicopter pad, taken away from immediate care on a long scenic route in
    a ambulance to be denied immediate care to a trauma doctor, and a specialized neurosurgeon. Why? This also is Emergency Treatment 101, go to the nearest hospital, get professional medical care immediately. Why, because every second,
    minute counts in critical situation. This is why PVH says on their website. If you wake up in the middle of the night and if you are severely sick or injured, go to the nearest hospital. So why do their own ambulance not follow their own protocol?

    Maybe someone from the Emergency Vehicle Management in Washington needs to come evaluate why the patient is being carried away from a immediate care.

    Sincerely yours,
    Melissa Noel’s Mom
    Carolyn Gallaher
    Subject: Fort Collins is not safe!

    I do not know how this can be true? There is an average of 3500 wrecks per year in that city. I for one have tasted the bitterness of this little city when my daughter was hit and killed
    while crossing the street. She was crossing at an intersection that the city deemed legal because of all of its amenities. The intersection had curb cuts, handicap ramp, street grade
    and a street lamp. The problem was that the traffic light called an Emergency Vehicle Light did not comply with the recommendations of the MUTCCD Manual chapter 4. This so called safe
    city encouraged my daughter to cross against an ongoing green light that never turns red or has a pedestrian switch to turn red so they can walk safely over. Most pedestrian would not think
    that anything was wrong here, because of all the amenities. After my daughter died, and I begin to research her death, the light switch went on revealing to me that the traffic light was
    a flaw. I began to research it, I could not find a description of this traffic light anywhere. The only thing I could find that resembled it was a T-Intersection and a Professor from a famous
    University. He googled the site, and said, “I should be able to sue for a million dollars.” To me this said something, that this traffic intersection was not safe and that it was probably the
    number one reason for the accident. I then went to the traffic engineer and told him what I had discovered about the traffic intersection and what the Professor had told me. I immediately
    filed a claim against the City. The problem is if you sue a governmental agency, federal or state, you have to do it within 180 days. By the time I had gotten involve because of signing
    with a bad lawyer who did nothing, and waiting for the insurance to do their thing, the 180 days had gone by. And because it took the insurance company a long time to get the police report
    after requesting it. But I still wanted the Traffic light changed so that no one else would get hurt
    there. The city denied my claim, and said, the Traffic Light was okay. For two years I kept trying to find some one in the government to confront this little city, finally this past year, I got some
    one from NSHTA to confront this city. They finally were convinced to upgrade it. They told me they were only upgrading because it needed it, but they changed the whole design and treatment
    to comply with the MUTCCD chapter 4. I think this city should not be considered the safest city in a America when the traffic engineer would not change a flawed street design. He is a college
    graduate in engineering, and I am just a mother, and I knew that you should not cross against a green traffic light, but yet this city encouraged unsuspecting college students to cross a flawed
    street design. My daughter was the fourteenth accident there in a three year time period.

    Also, my daughter’s accident was not thoroughly investigated, the young man who hits my daughter has blood shot eyes and admits to smoking marijuana earlier for the disease of migraines. He is

  • Carolyn gallaher

    The young man who hits my daughter has red eyes, the officer says, this is the only indication of drugs or alcohol I see, Nada, there are three indications of drugs and alcohol. The red eyes, the driver admits to smoking marijuana illegally for the disease of migraines, he does not have a medical marijuana card, and there is an open 42 ounce bottle of steel reserve, a high potent beer in the backseat. These young college students were on their way to tent camp at 10:30 at night. How many people set up their tents at 10:30 at night? My daughter had a drink before she left her apartment, her alcohol level was .04, she was twenty five, she was legal to drive and legal to walk, she was carrying her high heels in her purse to be safe. Yet the police released to the media that she had been drinking, like drunk, My husband asked them begged them to release the .04. but they said they could not. Why? The police told me a grieving mother that they debated whether to release this information to the media. The LT. told me it was released because it was a fact of the case. What about all the other facts of the case. Why were they not released to the public.
    My heart really broke when I read the insurance transcripts of the officer conversing with the insurance adjustor. He told them, that the police officer conducting the sobriety test said, the driver passed better than a sober pe or other sober people he test. Why would use this type of comparison? My heart broke when the cocky police officer said, he did not impound the car because the tire, brakes, lights worked, and because of city budget cuts. Nada, the city usually does not pay the impoundment fees, and What about forensic science? You know police officer, a forensic science could have looked at the impact of the car, and told exactly who was at fault. This was denied my family. We were denied true justice for our daughter. Because the police failed to take in all the evidence, the alcohol, the blood of the admitted pop smoker, and the impoundment of the car. The police officer said, he would have given my daughter I guess to two tickets if she would have lived. One because she was suppose to know that she was not to cross at an implied crosswalk, but that she was to walk down to another implied crosswalk. Nada, Code 802 means do not jay walk. Second ticket because failed to yield the right away. The correct interpretation if the pedestrian is already more than half across the street the car is to yield. Melissa was more than half way across, she was five feet from the curb. All the driver had to do was turn the steering wheel to the left and he would have missed her. My daughter was standing under the street light five feet from when the driver hit her, yet the police would have given her ticket. This is wrong. Wrong. Worng.

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