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VIDEO: ‘Knockout’ game becoming disturbing trend, spreading West

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NEW YORK — It’s a disturbing new “game” that’s terrorizing residents in East Coast cities. Even more disturbing: There are reports of the game moving West.

The game, according to WPIX in New York City — where the incidents seem to have originated, is called “Knockout.” It involves a group of individuals targeting a random person for an unprovoked sucker-punch, seeking to knock the target unconscious in one blow.

It’s a growing trend among bored teens, police say.

After a string of seven similar attacks were reported in New York, including several attacks in predominately Jewish neighborhoods, the New York Police Department has gone so far as to start investigating the incidents as hate crimes.

WPIX reports that the most recent attack was caught on surveillance video this week in New York’s Crown Heights neighborhood. Ten men spotted a man walking alone, punched him — knocking him unconscious — and kept on moving.

There are widespread reports of similar attacks taking place in the Tri-State area, especially in New Jersey, where a man died of injuries sustained after being knocked out by a random teen in October.

There are reports of similar attacks in St. Louis and in Pittsburgh, where teacher James Addlespurger was knocked out by 15-year-old he did not know on his walk home from school last month. The teen was charged for the assault, which was caught on a security camera.

“The video speaks for itself,” Addlespurger told WTAE-TV. “But I don’t remember it happening when it happened.”

Days after the attack on Addlespurger, a WTAE reporter took to the streets, asking unidentified teens to describe the motivation behind the game.

“It’s for the fun of it,” one teen said. “It’s like when you were a little kid, running around and hitting people. Only now you’re grown, so you can knock ’em out. Even though they shouldn’t be doing it, people do it.”

One New York man told WPIX he believes it all comes down to finding ways to get teens involved in more enriching activities — maybe even after school jobs.

“People need to do more constructive stuff with their time,” the man said. “If people are working and trying to get their money together, they wouldn’t have time for this nonsense. It’s crazy.”



  • Jon Edgewater

    Should this happen to me or someone I care about, I will make it my mission to find the perpetrators, hunt them down, and either put them into the hospital or someplace more permanent. These POS’s need to be taughtrespect and also consequences for actions – something their ddirt bag parents and grandparents obviously never taught them.

  • Test

    But they are “unarmed” they can’t possibly be a threat. How could an unarmed teen kill someone? /sarcasm

    This is a direct result of the complete lack of concern about violent crime by the current administration. If it doesn’t involve guns the Democrats don’t care.

  • Nathan Dant

    What they are too PC to say is, these are angry black youths mostly targeting whites. If you see a group of black youths coming your way, cross the street for your own safety. They are targeting older folks and women as well.

  • Fast45

    Awareness … and a well practiced, piston-like fast draw is what’s needed here. The the liberals could all cry about poor innocent youths being victims of gun violence.

  • R Jones

    Gene, You realize that you would just be knocked out with your weapon still concealed right? It is a sneak attack. By the nature of the attack, you would not have the time to retrieve your weapon.

  • gene

    R. Jones you need to remove your earbuds, headphones, or whatever is covering your ears…and like I said, be aware of your surroundings

  • Fast45

    Imagine the different story: “Several people found shot in the head … police suspect they attempted to assault the wrong person.” What a tragedy it would be … just a few black kids out having some fun. They had a troubled childhood. The shooter just didn’t relate to their upbringing, and judged them too harshly … and more blah, blah, blah.

  • Lela 55

    Where’s Eric holder,, Obama, Oprah, Jesse, Al , the liberal press? Oh wait these are only white people being attacked, if it was blacks being attacked there would be marches and burning and looting ala Trayvon Martin…those named above make me sick, they’re all racist, wake up white America

  • Lela 55
    Black on black crime is rampant, but those I named will NOT address it, why.. because they’re all liberals and wouldn’t dream of upsetting blacks by stating the obvious..and how can you say that Obama was not elected by blacks when 90% of blacks voted for him..given his pitiful resume do you think Oprah would hire him to run her empire..I think not, he was not qualified to run for dog catcher let alone President of the United States..and finally people are now seeing him for what he really is …But Oprah and the liberal press got him elected…there are black leaders out there but they’re afraid to speak out about the failings of black america,( 70% of kids born out of wedlock according to Bill Cosby) school dropouts, drug abusers etc, otherwise they’re called Uncle Toms…

  • am

    growing up in NY,this is no surprise. white on black. black on white.. the true question is, at what point do we as humans realize right from wrong

  • Roscoe

    Can we white boys play the game against blacks too? … and would it be ok if we used our truck’s brush guard instead of risking injury to our knuckles on their hollow concrete skulls ??

  • Amber

    It’s a lack of discipline with this young generation. Join the Marine Corps and get some self discipline. Ignorance comes in all shades …. The Corps comes in one color …. Green. Semper Fi!

  • Mike

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let some 15yo ni%%er come up on me and try to take a swing. Won’t be a sneak attack, it’ll be his funeral

  • Ken b.

    I find it very telling, that the reporter can point out the age of the thugs, but not the race. If this were white thugs knocking out blacks, there would be riots in the streets. Welcome to obamas America..

  • Ken b.

    One other thing, if u cross the street cause u see a group of blacks coming your way, ur a racist, if u stay on the same side, then u provoked the attack, guess the answer is “whitey stay off the streets”

  • Jason

    I say “Bring it On!” If it’s worth dying for, then take your best shot! You think you can continue to attack people, with no consequences, Let’s find out!

  • TJ

    I am black and trust me if these kids had a chance they would try to knock me out too. I don’t think these attacks are racial per se. We kill each other at a far greater clip.

  • rdkfomh

    I don’t care whether it’s racially motivated or not. The point is that these cowardly, selfish individuals think attacking an innocent defenseless person is FUNNY and they think they can GET AWAY with it. They are acting like vicious animals with NO CONSCIENCE. This is what happens when kids are allowed to run wild with no responsible, loving parents to discipline them and teach them right from wrong.

    It is time for law enforcement to teach them a HARSH lesson and show them that society will not put up with this out-of-control random cruelty. CRACK DOWN HARD and END THIS NOW.

  • S Sas

    Democratic New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind has claimed the “game” is anti-Semitic. (Getty)

    Oh, boy! Now this is getting really serious! Finally, black on everybody crimes will start to get attention.

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