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Broncos’ fireworks on the field keep pyrotechnics team busy during games

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Pyrotechnics at Denver Broncos game

Pyrotechnics at Denver Broncos game

DENVER — As the Broncos prepare to take on the chiefs at home this weekend, there is one group of Broncos fans that will not get to watch the game.

They are busy making sure YOU enjoy the game. And they are especially busy this year. And nothing gets the crowd fired up quite like the fireworks on the field and in the air.

For Scott Gray, Laura Dolph and their team from Pyromix Pyrotechnics, putting on the fireworks at the Broncos games is a family affair. Dolph said, “Friends, family members, my dad’s on the crew, my brother’s on the crew, friends and family mostly.”

They’ve been working the Broncos games for six years. But this year, something is different. Scott Gray said, “We definitely have to pay attention a lot more.”

The Broncos’ fast-paced offense, and even their defense are keeping them on their toes.

Gray said, “With Peyton Manning now being part of this team, we load 70 points worth of product up there. So we’re getting close … I mean they put up 52, so we may have to bump that up. We have enough for a while.”

In the past, the team averaged about 30 points per game.

This year, it’s more like 46 points per game. So the team from Pyromix has to haul a lot more explosives up to the top of the stadium tower. Dolph said, “We’re going to have a total of 12 touchdowns up there and four field goals. Very good problem to have. I plan lots ahead. Like lots ahead.”

They have some of the best seats in the house, but they don’t get much time to enjoy the view. Gray said, “We always say pyro is hurry up and wait, it’s move, move, move. Do a lot of work, then there’s a lot of down time sitting around, but this year there’s been less down time than there’s been in years past.”



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