More paving than plowing for Denver’s public works

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DENVER -- Warm November days are always a blessing for Denver Public Works crews trying to keep up with potholes and street paving in Denver.

“We have 1,800 lane miles in the city and we try to repave them with our recycled asphalt at least every 10 years and sometimes even more often,” said spokeswoman Emily Williams. “Our crews would be plowing this time of year except there is no snow, so paving works just fine.”

In Park Hill, crews were working on a section of streets between S. Holly and S. Kearney streets Wednesday. They are paving two block sections every day, much to the delight of neighbors.

“I hope they get them paved before snow falls," said resident Tom Morris. "Things will be a mess if they don’t."

Beth Colwell was taking photos of the DPW crews.

“We are just enjoying coffee and getting some pictures of all the trucks involved in the process," said Colwell. "I do have grand kids who will love seeing these big Tonka Trucks!”

Even a year ago, when about two inches of snow fell on Nov. 10, the sun came out and by the 21st, it was 72 in Denver.  So, our weather this year is almost just like what we had a year ago.

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