Clear bag rule at Mile High provides false sense of security

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DENVER -- There’s a clear change at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.  A new NFL league policy requires fans to bring only approved clear bags into stadiums.

According to the Broncos web site, the bags are supposed to “provide a safer stadium environment.”

It looks like a good idea, but that’s a false sense of security and it is a problem that’s existed for several years.

Two years ago, FOX31 Denver exposed gaping holes in Mile High’s security.

We managed to get a pipe and a fake gun through security. Also, on that same game day, a man who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon brought a real gun into the stadium.

In 2012, the NFL started requiring workers to wand all fans with a metal detector.  But even with the metal detector wands, security failed to find a replica gun my purse. And, a firearms instructor slipped by with a revolver in his waistband after he was scanned from head to toe.

This year, we wanted to know if the new clear bags have cleared up the stadium’s security issues.

We placed a solid metal fake gun in a blanket and carried in a NFL approved plastic bag. A security worker quickly glanced at the bag then briefly touched the bottom.  Another security screener used a metal detector to search the bag's carrier, but skipped the bag and within minutes, the fake gun was inside the stadium.

Mile High stadium refused our request for an interview and instead sent this statement:

“We are reviewing (your) report as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our security policies and procedures.”

We showed our video to Jamie Crippin, a former Colorado Bureau of Investigations Agent and security expert.

“This is a very glaring example of what should be caught," Crippin said. "You could have carried three or four grenades in that bag in place of the gun.”

Crippin pointed out, “If they’re going to wand you, they should wand the bag.”



  • Audrey Benavidez

    I tested my kids schools security the same way. We as parents are told to drop of out little ones out side in the morning at 7:45 and that all kids will be safe. I told them its too cold and not safe. So I dropped my babies off and I had a friend that my kids didn’t really know and pull them off school grounds with teachers present outside. They where successful. They took my kids off school grounds with out being stopped. I thing you should look into our kids safety at schools

  • Corry

    I don’t understand what the bug deal is with people that have concealed carry permits and even people who open Casey can’t take they’re guns into a stadium or movie theater or other dumb places like that if some one with plans of attacking a place like this saw six or seven people own carrying I’m pretty sure I would think twice and they would too the fact our society is afraid of guns is ridiculous I work at a gas station and every person I see open carry into my store I feel safer because our company has a no employee van carry a weapon policy which is down right silly especially sense I work nights.

  • Greg

    A false sense of security is better than none. It’s to deter the nut jobs away, but any one with common sense knows better. The first game security took forever to let people in that the complaints started rolling in. Now you can just about walk in.

  • Joe

    Greg- your comment is so ridiculous I don’t know where to start. A false sense of security does the exact opposite of what you say it does. It deters law abiding citizens from bringing in contraband while allowing the nut jobs to bring in items they would intend to harm others with. Just because an ostrich sticks it’s head on the sand doesn’t mean it’s safe. Sheesh.

  • Test

    I don’t agree with the false sense of security theme. People have always been pretty safe at football games, the “security” doesn’t change that much, if at all. It’s, overall, a very safe environment, even with the new “security”.

  • Kelli

    News9 do you think its a very wise idea to basically say “hey they’re not checking like they should so you can bring a gun in and shoot the place up…”

    Have you ever heard of the military term OPSEC or PERSEC

  • Kenny

    Broncos are worried about getting thier butts kicked so they have to up the security like Buffalo had to lol.

    Go Chiefs!


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