Support still needed for Aurora theater shooting survivors

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AURORA, Colo. -- In a movie tavern where their son once worked, the Sullivan family is hoping their efforts will make a difference in the lives of Aurora theater shooting survivors still struggling to cope with the tragedy from July 2012.

Tom Sullivan, who lost his 27-year-old son Alex in the shooting, greeted guests inside the Aurora Movie Tavern during a fundraiser Tuesday night for the group "Aurora Rise."

The group, which continues to collect donations online, offers help for survivors who have difficulties paying utilities and rent. Since the shooting, it's been reported several survivors have faced difficulties dealing with both their jobs and personal lives.

"It's is a community and we're all dealing with this in our separate way," said Tom Sullivan. The long term effects of the shooting are still unknown but many people expect to relive painful memories of the tragedy when the trial against James Holmes begins in 2014.

"We're trying to let them know, if you have a tough night, you've got to let us know, we can help out," added Sullivan when asked about plans to continue offering services to survivors.

Tuesday's fundraiser attracted a crowd of roughly 60 moviegoers but the group continues to plan more events to help theater victims and their families as the holidays approach.