Police warn residents in Montbello about a possible child predator

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DENVER -- Police say a young girl was walking near 51st Avenue and Uvalda Street in Montbello Saturday morning when a strange man approached her in his vehicle.

She told police he then followed her as she walked.

Police are warning residents to be on alert for the possible child predator.

"[He] said some things to her, followed her, acted in a manner that was somewhat disturbing," says Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson. "She ran, he followed her which causes us more concern."

The girl ran and immediately found an adult to tell, who then called police.

The vehicle is described as a maroon Lincoln Navigator SUV with large chrome-colored wheels, tinted windows and a lot of chrome on the exterior.

There is potential for a $2,000 reward for information that leads police to the suspect.



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