Customers: Wheat Ridge weight loss clinic disappears along with their money

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DENVER -- They promised to help countless Coloradans shed unwanted pounds.

But now, Better Life Medical Weight Loss of Wheat Ridge itself has vanished, leaving customers angry and out thousands of dollars.

And the state Attorney General and Better Business Bureau of Denver/Boulder are investigating.

“It’s a shabby way to do business. It’s a shabby way to treat clients,” says Sunny, of Wheat Ridge, who didn’t want to give her last name.

She lost 36 lbs. through the program at the weight loss business at 10160 W. 50th Ave. in Wheat Ridge. But she also lost her money.

“I got a deal, reduced rate by signing up and prepaying for four months, $472,” says Sunny.

The company put her on a four-month program of appetite suppressants and B-12 injections.

But when she went in for her last month of treatment, she found a darkened office instead.

“Door was locked, everything was cleared out,” she says.

And on the door, a sign that said they’d lost their lease—but would reopen at a new location within a couple of weeks.

FOX31 Denver went looking for the owner, Anthony Galuzzo. He didn’t return our phone call or email.

And customers who left messages never heard back from anyone.

“I called the number multiple times, no response. I emailed multiple times, no response,” says Sunny.

She’s not alone.

The company’s Facebook page lists multiple complaints.

“Apparently, this place is a scam!” says one customer.

"Two of us paid in full for the four-month treatment, wish now we had not,” says another.

And, “I see they have deleted all the complaints from this page too…,”says a third.

“Haven’t heard their response. Haven’t been able to reach them. They haven’t returned our phone calls,” says Megan Herrera with the Better Business Bureau of Denver/Boulder.

They’re also not getting back to the BBB which advises people never to prepay for products or services.

“Consumers just need to remember, if they prepay for something, maybe try to do it with a credit card, so if for some reason you’re unable to get the issue resolved and you can’t get your money back, you may have protections with your credit card company,” says Herrerra.

As for Sunny, she might have some protections through Groupon, which offered the deal.

But, she’s apparently on her own to keep the weight off.

“I need all the help I can get to get through the next month-and-a-half of holidays,” she says.

Sunny and others say they saw some red flags along the way.

The program was supposed to be physician supervised. But Sunny says they never saw one—just a physician's assistant.

The business had posted on Facebook it was moving to 52nd Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard, but apparently Galuzzo backed out of that deal.

It's unknown if the weight loss business will reopen.


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  • Jessica

    I just wanted to say I’m a patient there and my sister is a medical assistant there. She is struggling and was in tears because the manager decided to tell the girls that they have to start packing there stuff because they were late on the lease. He said he didn’t want to stress the girls out so that’s why he didn’t say anything before. Now my sister is broke, power is about to shut off, lease is due, no groceries, and still waiting on unemployment. What the manager did was very shady but also the medical assistant there are also victims. He says there reopening on December 1st through an email I got but my sister who works there had no knowledge of this email and she is the clinical manager.

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