Blue Ribbon School: Traut Core Knowledge School

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If passion makes perfect, then it’s no wonder Traut Elementary in Fort Collins is a Blue Ribbon winner.  From the custodian to the principal, all play an important role here.

“The reason for our success in our school is that everyone has bought in, everyone is empowered.” said Traut principal Mark Wertheimer.

This kindergarten through 5th grade public school has been open since 1993, has a student population of 451 kids, 30 staff members and operates of the five pillars of philosophy: core knowledge, character education, student responsibility, mature literacy, and most important, parent partnership

“That (parent partnership) pillar is the most important because I’ve never seen it elsewhere where the governance of the building is shared between staff and parents,” Wertheimer said.

“Without that, I couldn’t do what I do,” visual arts teacher Judy Castro said. “And I’m able to expand my program in massive directions because I have so much parent help.”

Principal Wertheimer doesn’t call all the shots around here; he says it’s a group effort.

“I’m only one staff member of the staff of representative side,” he said. “If we’re making a major decision I’ve got to convince 13 others, as well as myself, it that’s the right decision to make.”

Traut Elementary in Fort Collins, truly a Blue Ribbon School.