Nearly 250,000 Colorado healthcare plans cancelled under Obamacare

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DENVER --  There are nearly 250,000 Coloradans whose health care policies have been or will be cancelled as a result of the Affordable Care Act, the state's Dept. of Insurance announced on Wednesday.

Many of the policies are being cancelled because of stipulations under the new law that force insurers to cover certain things that weren't covered under the old policies; other plans are being cancelled by insurers because they're no longer cost-effective.

The cancellation letters sent out by the insurers must notify a consumer that the 2013 policy is cancelled, and must also highlight options for new coverage.

"Consumers who have questions about these letters or any questions about their health insurance policy should contact the Division," said Commissioner of Insurance Marguerite Salazar.  "While some plans are being cancelled, Coloradoans have many new options for 2014, due to the strength and competitiveness of our health insurance market."

SPECIAL SECTION: Your questions answered about the Affordable Care Act

Supporters of "Obamacare" note that, although many policies available on state insurance exchanges or the federal government's glitch-laden website appear to be more expensive, federal tax credits for many individual and families are likely to lower health care costs for many middle-class Americans.

"I think it's been a big shock for people getting these letters, but many of them have been able to log on to the exchange and get better plans at a lower cost," Congresswoman Diana DeGette, D-Denver, told FOX31 Denver Wednesday.

But conservatives used the new numbers to argue that the law is a disaster, comparing the number of cancellation numbers to the number of people who have signed up.

So far, just 3,408 Coloradans have purchased new insurance plans on the exchange; many more, 34,168 Coloradans, have enrolled in Medicaid since the program expanded under the law.

"To have almost a hundred health plan cancellations for every exchange sign up in Colorado under Obamacare is exponentially worse than even the most extreme skeptic could have predicted," said Kelly Maher, executive director of the group Compass Colorado.

DeGette acknowledged that President Obama's now infamous campaign promise, that "if you like your existing plan, you can keep it", was misleading.

"He should have said, 'If you like your plan you can keep it -- subject to the contractual agreement between you and the insurance company'," DeGette said, acknowledging that such verbiage is a bit complex for a stump speech.

"In truth, most people's policies, even before the Affordable Care Act, changed from year to year," she continued. "This is a system that's based on people getting private insurance; in many ways, it was a Republican idea."

"If people are having contracts with their insurance plans, those insurance companies are going to adjust those plans based on market conditions," DeGette said.

Conservative group continues to pile money into anti-Obamacare ads

Meanwhile, the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity's has now spent over $7.6 million in spending over the last few weeks on anti-Obamacare ads.

The group will spend an additional $1.7 million on ads on radio, TV and the Internet.

"Amid a disastrous and inept rollout, it's important to remember that some politicians did what they could to stop ObamaCare, while others did whatever it took to shove the law down our throats," AFP President Tim Phillips said in a statement.

"Heading into 2014, we want to be sure Americans understand the true negative impact of the law. A failing website is just the tip of the iceberg; less choice, higher premiums, and lost coverage will be the legacy of ObamaCare," Phillips said.

AFP is partially funded by the billionaire industrialist Koch brothers, who have spent many millions of dollars to back conservative causes and candidates.



  • Lenny

    Keep pounding this simple message, share it, forward it, copy it, paste it.

    If you lose your coverage, your doctor, your insurance BLAME a democrat. Next time you go and vote…remember WHO did this to YOU.

    The Democratic Party did. That’s WHO.

  • Aberdeen Vet

    Notice how the Democrat Congresswoman DeGette manages to blame Republicans for previous cost increases of health contracts, as if Democrats had no affect on increasing costs of living with their regulations and tax increases.

  • Marcie

    Some of the plans offered on Connect for Health Colorado (obamacare) have deductibles that are $6500 and then 30% coinsurance….so what kind of coverage is that?? I saw a plan that doesn’t even cover costs of preventative care/dr. visits until you meet your deductible and after that you still pay 10% co insurance. So tell me how those are considered a quality plan?? I would call those “junk” as well Elizabeth…. so what exactly are the minimum requirements?? The simple fact of it is we were LIED to…thankfully I didn’t fall for the lie and vote for Obama, but unfortunately I am reaping the reprocussions anyways.

  • chaz helquist

    Fact: Subsidy is nothing more than welfare being paid for by other taxpayers. It is afordable because others who work for a living are paying all or part of your premium. Since we already run a defiicit – we will borrow money from others at interest to pay for this welfare. Real smart way to further bankrupt the United States. Dumb and Dumber.

  • Max17

    I love all the feel-good stories of liberal societal mooches suffering under Emperor Big Ears. How ’bout that black unemployment rate? ROFL!

  • Buzz

    ““I think it’s been a big shock for people getting these letters, but many of them have been able to log on to the exchange and get better plans at a lower cost,” Congresswoman Diana DeGette, D-Denver, told FOX31 Denver Wednesday.”

    This is the same moron that “said banning high-capacity in ammunition magazines would be effective in reducing gun violence because “the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.”

    She hasn’t a clue in the difference between an ammo magazine and a bullet. But what else should we expect from a dummycrat?

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth, especiall Obama

  • Buzz

    Diana DeGette is the same m*o*r*o*n that said “banning high-capacity in ammunition magazines would be effective in reducing gun violence because “the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.”

    She hasn’t a clue of the difference between an ammo magazine and a bullet. But what else should be expecte of a dummycrat.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth, especially Obama

  • rj chicago

    I grew up in Colorado and I well remember the days when CO was a strong conservative state and well……things were normal, i.e. one could go to work w/out wondering what lurked around the corner, one could go to a doctor w/out wondering if you could actually be treated, one could own property w/out wondering if some bozo was gonna sue you for some environmental malfeasance and on and on.
    My question folks – is what are you as conservatives going to do to STAND UP to these liberal destroyers who will do nothing but leave rubble behind and move on to the next piece of geography in order to consume it? STAND UP and stop the INSANITY!!

  • Marie

    Just wait to see what Obama and the democrats are doing behind closed door for income taxes, you will curse him for the rest of your life.
    Your IRAs and 401k will be nationalized to pay for Obamacare care costs that will be astronomical in the coming years.

  • Shaun McMaster

    These democrats decided to “pass it to find out what is in it”, which is a better description of a stool sample then a health care plan.

    They had to grant waivers, political favors, and tell outright LIES to their fellow democrats to get this passed. Without all the lies and corrupt acts they would never have passed it so we could find out what’s in it.

    Now everyday, as we sort through this stool sample that was passed, want we are finding is worse then ever imagined. You can not keep your plan, it doesn’t save money, doctors/hospitals are running away from it, and many of the lower income people are going to be converted to part time, thereby making them even more poor.

    I am a small business owner and we are converting 80% of our staff to 25 hours or less, all for a law that wasn’t supposed to apply to us, but does as soon as we gave our manager health benefits. Now per the law, we have to either give the same to all or convert them to part time, even though we are only a business of 10 people. So much for that “doesn’t effect businesses under 50 people” Obama LIE as well, because it absolutely does if you tried to provide any benefit at all. So millions of small businesses are going to be faced with similar issues, drop any partial coverage you have, or convert everyone who you don’t want to cover into part-time employees. Because increasing that cost by 10x or 20x isn’t an option, despite what idiot democrats might think.

    This thing is a joke. It is going to crumble under its own weight, increase cost, decrease salaries, and shove the bulk of uninsured folks into an already bankrupt and substandard medicare/medicaid system that many doctors will not accept. Wait and see, even more of these people will be getting their healthcare via the emergency rooms as well. This turd is only going to smell worse as we start picking out the nuggets.

    AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OWNS 100% OF IT… They have screwed the middle class, and screwed the lower class even worse, pretty much the exact opposite of what these liars promised and the worst part is they knew it. They knew 3+ years ago as shown by recent document dumps and instead of slamming on the brakes they stepped on the gas. This is the biggest travesty ever perpetrated on the American people.

  • JG

    “You can keep your healthcare plan – Period”

    ***DOES NOT EQUAL***

    “You can keep you healthcare plan, subject to the contractual agreement between you and the insurance company’

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    Since Colorado voters voted in Obama for the second term they got what they deserved. I sincerely hope that Obama care strips them of all dignity, all sense of safety, and leave them to the mercy of the whims and fancies of their ever loving President and his health care.

  • Malik Nidal

    EVERYTHING the TEA Party warned you about is true.

    12 million individual plans are being cancelled right now.
    93 million employer-provided plans get cancelled next year.

    & the Obama Regime knew these would be the numbers ways back in 2010…he just kept lying right to your face for another 3 years, and HE’S STILL LYING!

  • jenny

    serves us right for going blue last November. And to think there are still Priuses in Whole Foods parking lots all over the Denver metro area with Obama stickers fading proudly on their bumpers…

  • T D Vann

    Colorado was a RED state, I grew up here. Then the Californicators moved in and said What a great state; low crime, great roads, good schools. Let’s change it. And they did, for the worse. I’m at that stage where I’m planning to retire. I’m going to shut my business,take my money and move out of this liberal hell hole for the last Free State, Texas. Go F**K yourselves you liberal democrat pukes. You’ve ruined another state.

  • CB

    George Soros says they his family fortune will personally shoulder the fianancial burden of the Obama”care” subsides.

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