Family pleads for help finding the puppy stolen from their vehicle

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DENVER -- A Steamboat Springs family is pleading for the safe return of their puppy that was stolen from their car in Denver.

13-week-old Chloe, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was taken on Saturday while the Paoli family was inside the Downtown Aquarium.

As the Paolis headed back to the parking lot across the street they discovered a back window of their truck had been smashed and the dog was gone.

"My heart sank," said Jennifer Paoli on Wednesday. "My first thought was where's Chloe? And we looked in the back of the truck and we couldn't find her."

She said her daughters, ages 8 and 6, took the dog's disappearance particularly hard.

"The girls were screaming and that's what really just, it just broke my heart," Paoli said.

Police took fingerprints and Paoli has canvassed the area around the Aquarium, posting flyers and hoping someone saw something.

She said she and her husband chose not to leave Chloe in their hotel room on Saturday, never thinking someone would break into their vehicle.

"She's very shy but incredibly sweet," Paoli said of the puppy, who has a white streak that runs from her chin to her belly. "You know I feel like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack but I'm not going to stop until I find her."



  • Daniel M. Kresha

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it unlawful to leave a pet in a locked vehicle unattended? No matter what the temperature I feel it’s still cruel! Sorry if I don’t sympathize with the owners but it’s better all around to find a pet sitter or kennel before you go on vacation.

  • Paula

    No, but it is unlawful to break into a car and steal a dog. Puppies should never be left in a kennel because of the spread of disease. The family did the right thing by including their family member in a family day. The thief on the other hand was wrong.

  • Chris

    Who decided what’s “all around better”? This family obviously loves their dog and cares for it. I see dogs left in cars all the time when it’s nice out.

  • Sarah

    Thank you for this story. I feel so sorry for this family, especially the children. What a terrible thing for someone to do. I know I would be devastated if my dog was stolen. Let’s find this puppy for this family.

  • Jabes

    A great person took your puppy. It will have a better life without you. Would you lock your kids in the car while you look at fish? You got what you deserved and I feel sorry for your kids. Don’t buy pets if you don’t know how to take care of them. I’ll bet the person who took it has no criminal record, they just have a big heart.

  • t

    I fell the same they should’nt have left the puppy in the car especialy down town were they just asking for the puppy to get stolen. I feel for your sadness and stupidity. but why go and cry on tv when you left the dog in the car

  • Katrina Rowland

    I don’t EVER leave my dog in the car, ever. If the place isnt pet friendly, leave your dog at home, never leave an animal, or child alone in a car!

  • Kristin

    This is so very sad, and I really hope that they find their puppy. However, leaving a CKCS (especially a puppy) in a car is equivalent to leaving a big wad of cash, a laptop, or fancy DSLR camera in your car. You are just inviting a criminal to break in. I would NEVER leave my Cavy’s in my car.

  • Connie

    It wouldn’t have been stolen if it had been safe in the hotel room. Leaving your dog in the car for a few minutes is one thing, but while you’re having an all day excursion is something else.
    I’ll bet they wouldn’t leave their laptop sitting out in the car while they we;re out all day.

  • Lani

    As I agree dogs shouldn’t be left in cars but if the puppy was left tied out the front of the aquarium would have been taken with little to no evidence.

    I carry my CKCS everywhere with me, into stores, to order coffee
    Etc as I don’t trust society to look out for her while she is tied up the front

  • Nicholas Bishop

    What is wrong with you people. They did nothing wrong at all.
    They included their dog for the day and you can not leave a
    Dog alone in a hotel room. A family clearly loved that dog and spent a lot of money on it. I have two and they are expensive. Someone broke the law, stole their dog and you have the nerve to blame them. I take my dogs everywhere with me. They do stay in the car and that is not abuse at all. You act as though you never have left your child in the car when you ran into the store. Shame on you. Let’s blame the family and let the person who broke into their car be the hero.

  • Cyn

    Although not illegal in all states to leave a dog/puppy in a car, it should be! No matter how mild you think the temperatures may be, it doesn’t take long for the internal temperatures of a car to become deadly.
    Beyond that, like someone said above, a puppy can be $$$ signs to some low-life. I’m sorry their car was broken into, but for the puppy’s sake I hope it was someone who was concerned about the safety of the puppy and not looking for a quick sale item. I have a hard time having any sympathy for the adults, I do for the children as they can only follow the lead of their parents. It would have been better to leave the puppy in the hotel. Safer for the puppy and in better environmental conditions. Tell me, those of you who say it was better to take the puppy with them… just how exactly was this puppy with them when it was left in the care while they toured the aquarium? You can’t tell me it was a short trip into the aquarium. Not with children looking at fish.

  • Rita Hart

    I do feel sorry for the family for losing their dog, but also should they have not received a ticket for leaving the pup in the car?? My cousin brought his dog with him to Denver to do some shopping for the day. Went into a fast food restaurant where he could see his dog and was fined a huge fine for leaving his dog in the pick-up for a few minutes.

  • Cherry

    I’m sorry but I’m on the side of “NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET IN YOUR VEHICLE”!!! I can’t believe they publicly admitted they left their puppy in their vehicle, and for a day of entertainment!! REALLY??!! The dog now has a chance to live beyond the first HOT day in Colorado. I personally have Animal Control’s phone number in my phone and I report EVERY person who leaves their animal in their vehicle if it’s warm and you’ve not returned to your vehicle within 10 minutes of me noticing the distressed animal!

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