Denver police raid closes west Denver hotel, 12 arrests made

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Room at west Denver hotel closed by police. Photo courtesy: DPD YouTube video

Room at west Denver hotel closed by police. Photo courtesy: DPD YouTube video

DENVER — A Days Inn in west Denver was condemned and closed Wednesday following a multi-agency investigation led by the Denver Police Department.

District 1 Commander Paul Pazen says police have had some problems with some specific hotels in the district.

“These are hotels where we see a lot of drug, prostitution and even gang activity and despite our repeated efforts to request additional improvements, they have chosen not to,” he says in a video posted to YouTube. We needed to do something different here instead of the standard police response.

They raided the hotel at 620 Federal Blvd. beginning at 8 a.m. Wednesday. They made 12 arrests on existing warrants.

“[We] partnered with the city attorney’s office, the Denver fire department, the building inspectors, environmental health, the neighborhood inspection services,” Pazen says.

They found numerous violations. “This location was a potential hazard to the residents there. It was a hazard to the guests. It could have caught on fire based on the way they were doing, the way they were essentially piggy backing the electrical lines there, unsanitary conditions, unsafe conditions at this location,” according to Pazen.

Days Inn moved the other people who were displaced by the closure to other sister properties in metro Denver.

“We have done our homework and research on where the problem motels are, problem hotels in the city and we anticipate many more of these [raids],” the commander says.




  • Micheal mathers

    Dude your grammar says your as dirty , uneducated and stupid as them . Shut up , learn literacy then you can make fun of your old peers .

  • Luke

    The owner of this hotel is a slime ball in my opinion. I worked for “BRUCE RHAMANI and he is very aware of the businesses he runs. He told me when police come to the hotel kick them out unless they have a warrant. He goes by Bruce but that’s not his real name. He is a Iranian that does not care about anyone but himself. His other hotels are the Ramada on 120th and I 25th, the Timbers hotel. These hotels have bed bugs as well. I would look at his finances and see where they are going because he does not report his cash that his hotels make. He keeps all of his cash in his room at the Ramada where he lives.

  • Mrs. Chapman

    I really don’t know what to say its not really a shock to me I lived in that motel for months at a time for almost 6 yrs I watched 3 of my aunties walk away from there job.

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