Company accused of taking woman’s life savings for boiler offers refund, free repair

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DENVER -- FOX31 Denver viewers reacted with overwhelming response to our story Tuesday night about an elderly woman who lost her life savings -- $18,000 -- for installation of a new boiler.

Della Donna Matthews, 88, is the victim in this case. Her boiler doesn't even work and she's been heating her home with her oven.

She believes she was taken advantage of by a local heating company. Her daughter later found the same boiler online for just over $1,800. Della paid $18,000.

But there is some good news out of this story Wednesday night.

We were inundated with offers of help for Della after our story aired.

The company that installed her boiler has now offered to refund her money and fix her boiler for free.

Della couldn't be more grateful.

The company says it could take a while to repair her boiler. We intend to hold them to their promise to take care of the problem.

FOX31 Denver thanks all of you who offered to help Della.



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