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Low turnout levels have Amendment 66 backers nervous

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DENVER — Supporters of Amendment 66, a massive education overhaul that hinges on voters approving a two-tiered income tax hike Tuesday, tell FOX31 Denver that they’re nervous that turnout isn’t higher with just hours to go until the results are counted.

As of Tuesday morning, 1,030,487 ballots had been cast across the state.

The Yes on 66 campaign had hoped to have more than 1 million ballots already cast by Monday morning, given its weekend canvassing efforts around the state.

But only 847,660 ballots had been cast over the weekend, according to numbers released by the Secretary of State’s office Monday morning.

Although Colorado Commits to Kids, the group campaigning for Amendment 66, has been coy about its strategy, they’ve long believed they needed to see between 1.3 and 1.5 million votes cast in order to have a good chance of winning.

Based on the returns thus far, Democratic strategists acknowledge they’ll be lucky to get to 1.2 million.

And, as of Tuesday morning, Republicans maintained a sizable advantage: 412,369 Republicans have voted, compared to 328,707 Democrats and 280,421 unaffiliated voters.

But, opponents of Amendment 66, who’ve spent very little money compared with the $10 million Yes on 66 campaign, are also nervous.

They know that the measure won’t pass unless a big chunk of suburban Republican women decide to support it, but they’ve seen that movie before: Democrats eking out statewide election wins based on surprisingly strong support, especially from women, in swing suburban counties.



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