Woman hands out Halloween notes, not candy to kids she deems ‘obese’

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FARGO, N.D. -- A North Dakota woman says she plans to take the childhood obesity fight into her own hands this Halloween by handing out letters instead of candy.

According to ValleyNewsLive.com, the woman said this Halloween she will give out letters instead of candy to trick-or-treaters who she feels are “moderately obese.”

“I just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight," the woman told Y-94 during a morning radio interview. "I think it’s just really irresponsible of parents to send them out looking for free candy just because all the other kids are doing it."

Some people are skeptical if this is actually real or if it is some kind of publicity stunt. Regardless, it spurred a national conversation about childhood obesity and how to talk to kids and how to handle all of the candy they get at Halloween.

The woman’s identity was not revealed.


A woman in Fargo, N.D. was handing out these notes during the 2013 Halloween holiday to children she deemed 'moderately obese.' (Photo: WGHP)

A woman in Fargo, N.D. was handing out these notes during the 2013 Halloween holiday to children she deemed 'moderately obese.' (Photo: WGHP)



  • NN

    This is just beyond cruel.. Who are you to judge if a child is “moderatley obese” or not?? How do you know if the child has health issues that are causing the weight gain? This seems to me like an adult doing the bullying. Unbelievable… I am a parent and if I received this note… There would be big problems!!

  • sharkdiver

    Good for this her! Cruel is letting your kid get fat in the first place. You don’t think fat kids take abuse every day? Get mad at the irresponsible parents, not this woman. You negative commentators are only enabling the poor parenting.

  • Andrea B. Lucero

    The facts of the matter are: 1) Its none of her business in the first place 2) unless she is a licensed children’s physician, she has no right diagnosing anyone as obese 3) if she does not like it, do not hand out candy because the very fact that she is supposedly trying to “fight obesity” and handing out candy to supposedly healthy kids is contradicting and hypocritical – she should hand out healthy snacks instead or NONE at all! She is overstepping her boundaries as a citizen of that community and although she may THINK she has good intentions – the consequences of her actions will be far worse on the children’s self-esteem & morals. Poor taste.

  • Pam

    This lady is just asking for trouble and is obviously seeking attention. While I do agree that parents should really limit abusive eating habits, I think that selectively handing out letters to kids she deems too fat and giving candy to the rest is just cruel and ridiculous. She loses all credibility in my eyes by doing that. I think a better alternative would be to hand out healthy snacks. However, one thing I’m sure of, is that there will be many o’ eggs and TP by morning, if not things that are much worse.

  • itsallabout_t@yahoo.com

    before you judge anyone find out the reason a kid is obesed bad parenting isnt always the case. so quick to be judgemental when you never walked in thier shoes. trick or treating is for fun not to be judged by weight, thats whats wrong with this world. she should have not participated at all. SICKNING!!!!

  • Nessa

    I wonder if this woman knows that there’s a possibility that some of these children look “moderately” obese because they have health conditions. She is being a bully.

  • Mark Robert Jones

    I imagine this woman’s home is going to look like a tornado hit it by the time the kids (and parents) are though with her this year. She could just as easily turn off her porch light and not answer the door. She’s going to regret not doing that I’m afraid.

  • Stephanie McClellan

    She should fix her typos before she starts lecturing anyone on anything! Remember what you put out into the world leaves you open for it to come back at you. Judgement is for the man upstairs only and diagnosis & treatment of obesity is for that child’s doctor. Why is she hiding her identity?!?!

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