Lakewood Police stage sting operations to improve crosswalk safety on Halloween

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- We'll soon see little ghosts and goblins out trick-or-treating for Halloween on Thursday evening.

On Wednesday morning, police began sending drivers an early warning about watching for kids in crosswalks. Bear Creek School in Lakewood was one area where police were trying to send a message.

While it may seem like common sense to slow down and stop for kids in crosswalks, police say too many drivers whiz right through them. That becomes especially noticeable on Halloween, police say, when twice as many kids in the U.S. are killed in cross as compared to any other day of the year.

To get the point across, police in Riverside, Calif. performed an undercover operation.

An officer dressed as a 7-foot-tall gingerbread man walked back and forth in a crosswalk, commonly used by kids. Police found drivers zooming right in front of him or cutting him off, with 13 drivers being issued tickets in less than an hour.

Police in Lakewood will be performing the same sting operations at various locations, starting Wednesday. They want drivers to remember that kids can be distracted while having fun trick-or-treating, and it's the driver's responsibility to follow the law and stop at the crosswalk.

Parents, you can also keep your little one safer by making sure their costume is bright, easy to see and doesn't drag on the ground. Make sure your kids travel in groups and only cross at crosswalks.



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