Dog escapes from pen, goes inside school and bites student

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GREELEY, Colo. -- A Siberian husky is under quarantine at a Greeley animal shelter after reportedly escaping from his owner's pen and attacking a student  inside Shawsheen Elementary School.

The student, who was not seriously hurt, was inside the school's cafeteria when the dog made his way inside on Monday.

That dog, whose owners call Aspen, is now under medical review for at least the next ten days at the Weld County Humane Society. The dog's owner, who lives just a few hundred feet away from the school, told FOX31 Denver on Wednesday that the dog has escaped several times in the past.

"We blocked it off so he couldn't go under the fence then he started going over the fence," said Amber Barthel, the owner of the Siberian husky.

Even after the rabies test is complete the dog is expected to be put up for adoption because the owners cannot afford to keep paying fines for his behavior.

"He's a great dog, I just hope somebody can find him a home." added Barthel.

After our story aired on Wednesday night, the Weld County Humane Society told FOX31 Denver they were flooded with phone calls from potential adoptees of the quarantined husky. However, any adoption will be held up for several weeks because it's the shelter's policy not to release bite-prone dogs to the public without making sure there's not a risk of another attack.

The shelter hopes to determine in the next several weeks if the animal is safe to be transferred to a rescue group that could help the animal. The shelter still has several other animals available for adoption, including at least one husky, those interested should contact the Weld County Humane Society.



  • dooter

    ITs funny how people are just like parents, He’s a great kid, he’s just a danger to the community”. Put it down, it’s white, it’s okay to hate white these days

  • Amber

    Aspen is not a danger, he was trying to play and it was an accidental bite. He is still a puppy. The city won’t allow us to have him back because we couldn’t pay the $750 to request a trial to get him back within the time frame they have us on top of the 5 tickets I have to pay. He needs a place where he can run and can not escape, we have tried everything, but obviously nothing works.

  • Rocio

    Amber. I think the only thing you need to spend on your dog is time. It just sounds like hes underexercised and bored.

  • Candace

    This pup needs a home with a family who are familiar with huskies! They are way more than a pretty face. This guy was NOT being aggressive. Of course the media exaggerates and makes the breed look bad. I hope he finds a great home and doesn’t end up spending his last days at a shelter.

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