Parents on alert: Expert advice about how to keep kids safe

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DENVER -- Many parents are understandably scared after the kidnapping of an 8-year-old girl from her Aurora bedroom. But experts say the most important thing is for your kids not to be scared.

“Fear doesn’t keep kids safe, doesn’t keep us safe.”

Dr. Sherryll Kraizer is the director of the Coalition for Children. She said parents need to be sure not to pass their fear onto their kids when talking about stranger danger.

“You don’t need to be afraid about strangers, they’re everywhere. But when you’re not with me or with somebody who’s taking care of you, there are some rules that I want you to follow,” she said.

She outlines four simple rules any child can remember.

“If you’re not with someone who’s taking care of you, you stay an arm’s reach away from people you don’t know. You don’t talk to them, you don’t take things from them, and you don’t go places with them,” she said.

And if someone gets their hands on them kids should do exactly what the 8-year-old girl in Aurora did.

“You scream bloody murder,” Kraizer said.

Authorities believe it’s that action that got the attention of this little girl’s father and very likely may have saved her life.