Man to insurance adjuster: ‘Bears destroyed my car’

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- Bob Monzel was surprised to see the condition of the inside of his car outside of his home in Indian Hills in the foothills of Jefferson County.

It was destroyed... a disaster.

Bob Monzel lives in Jefferson County off Highway 285. It's bear country. He suspects a mama and her two cubs may be the culprits. He and his wife have seen them in the area recently.

Monzel says he cleaned his car Sunday when the weather was nice and he parked it outside beside the garage.

His wife's car was in the garage. She's a teacher and left when it was still dark outside, so she didn't see the condition of his car. He believes the destruction happened late Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

He didn't know about his car until a UPS delivery driver came to the door Tuesday afternoon with a package and asked "what happened to your car?"

His 2007 Honda Element was trashed, likely by bears. The air bag was torn up, seats and dashboard were shredded and the door was blasted open.

He thinks the bears somehow opened the car door and it closed behind them when they got inside.

He says it's cool to see them wander up the hillside, but he says he underestimated what destruction they're capable of creating.


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