Creative ways to make your child’s Halloween costume safe

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DENVER -- Putting together a Halloween costume means making some serious decisions.

Whether your child wants to be a werewolf, vampire, princess or gargoyle, experts say you’ve got to be extra careful when choosing costumes.

Dr. Lisa Miller of Partners in Pediatrics says Halloween night injuries are almost always related to ill-fitted costumes and dangerous accessories.

Miller warns, "If your kid is carrying a sword or a stick, make sure it's age appropriate and not sharp to harm other people.”

Consider the length of your child’s costume first. Anything that's dragging on the ground can be extremely dangerous and cause your child to slip and fall. Also check to make sure costumes are flame retardant.

Over-the-head masks can block your child’s vision when crossing streets. Using face paint is a great option that allows even more creativity.

Another way to spruce up a costume includes exciting glitter tattoos. Fire breathing dragons or action heroes can be painted on using a stencil then easily washed off. Children with sensitive skin should test a small area before applying any type of paint or glue.

Experts say stay away from costume contact lenses. They look great in the movies and music videos, but it's illegal to sell them without a prescription whether in stores or online.

FOX31 found they are still being sold in some flea markets on Federal Boulevard. Be aware that these items can be extremely dangerous even though they are advertised as being “one size fits all”. Dr. Miller says they typically don’t come with proper instructions for use and can cause permanent injury to the eye.

“They can rub the eye wrong, leading to infections that can be irreversible and lead to eye damage and in severe cases damage," Miller explained.

Experts say one rule of thumb is keep your child’s costume simple.

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