Fog, drizzle may have played role in small plane crash in Castle Rock

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- A small plane hit a power line and crashed into a ravine in the Sapphire Pointe neighborhood of Castle Rock Monday night.

A statement from the town of Castle Rock says fog in the area caused the crash at about 7:00 p.m.

"There was just one person inside the single-engine plane, which the injured pilot was able to confirm. She was then transported to the hospital. Her name is not being released at this time," says Castle Rock spokeswoman Caroline Kipp.

The pilot was conscious after the crash and she told rescuers she did not see the power lines because of fog. She was approaching Centennial Airport at the time. Bystander Jennifer Frieling was one of the first to find the crash victim.

"I heard a low flying airplane engine, I heard a boom, I jumped up and flung open the curtains and I saw some sparks like a bottle rocket or something," Frieling said. "The plane was down in the gully and she (the victim) was up on this higher ground, so I don't know if she was ejected or if she crawled out. But when I found her she was not moving, so my first guess would be that she was ejected."

Meanwhile, Castle Rock Fire Cheif Art Morales said the victim was conscious when his emergency personnel arrived on scene, and credited Good Samaritans for aiding in the woman's rescue.

"Neighbors actually had found her and directed our personnel to where she was," Morales said.

Officials say the female pilot reported an icing problem to tower personnel at Centennial Airport. The crash happened near some homes but the plane ended up in a ravine in open space.

The FAA was on scene late Monday night.