VIDEO: Residents spot moose wandering loose in Parker

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PARKER, Colo. — A moose was wandering through the Parker area Monday morning, the Parker Police Department reported.

The moose was spotted by residents about 8:15 a.m. near the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Jordan Road. Police were aware of the animal and were working with wildlife officials to get it safely back to the wild.

Experts emphasized that no one should approach or otherwise bother the animal.

“We can’t emphasis this enough, PLEASE if you see the moose give it space. The Colorado Division of Wildlife is on their way to get people to stop surrounding the moose,” PPD said via Facebook.

“We want to remind residents while this is exciting, this is still a wild animal and needs to be treated as such. Never approach moose too closely. Watch and photograph from safe distances using telephoto lenses, binoculars and spotting scopes.”

According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife, moose have “treed” people who have approached them too closely, and have killed pets and livestock in territories they are defending.