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Bear sighting turns out to be good business for Springs restaurant

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Surveillance video appears to show this bear taking a trash bin from an alley behind The Edelweiss Restaurant in Colorado Springs.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Turns out a video of a bear stealing a dumpster behind a Colorado Springs restaurant has helped boost business.

The Edelweiss Restaurant posted the security camera video on Facebook of the bear back in August. It showed the bear sniffing around in the alley and then get up on its hinds legs and push the trash bin out of view.

Since the Facebook post, which has over 2,600 Likes, restuarnat owners told KRDO-TV that business has been booming.

“Business last month increased by 25 percent, we were thrilled but it was almost more than we could handle,” said Dieter Schnakenberg who manages the restaurant.
Business is so good that the restaurant plans to expand. Along with a new kitchen and bakery, the restaurant plans to add a new item: bear schnitzel.

“A 10 ounce schnitzel, we load it with different sauces and potatoes and vegetables, kind of like I would picture him eating out of the trash can,” Schnakenberg said.

Schnakenberg said the bear hasn’t been back since tack strips were placed on the dumpsters to discourage another easy meal.

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