Denver gets 29 new officers at Police Academy graduation

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DENVER -- For the first time in five years, Denver has new police officers trained and ready to hit the streets.

Twenty-nine recruits were sworn in as officers at the Police Academy Wednesday morning.

This follows six months of classes and training in everything from laws, to crime prevention, to shooting and arrest control techniques.

We've shown you their hard work along the way in our exclusive series of reports, "Earning the Badge." See those stories here.

You would think these men and women are ready for a break, but not so fast.

"It's more so just anticipation of wanting to get out there and put all the training into use, take everything the academy staff here has taught us and apply it to a real life situation. Because of that I don't want a vacation. I want to jump right in and get going," says Officer Brenton Sellers.

The new graduates will now spend three months with field training officers. Police Chief Robert White told the class to always remember their primary mission: preventing crime.

White also says the 29 new officers will have an immediate impact on helping to improve Denver's crime statistics.

Find information about applying to be a Denver police officer here.


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  • Fast45

    We suppose that there have been enough Gangmembers-in-Blue let go after being caught beating up innocent citizens, sexual assaults, and shooting dogs … now more gangmembers are being initiated to fill the void. Hide the donuts!

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