Nearly two dozen women claim police watched, taped them while nude in jail

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PUYALLUP, Wash. – Nearly two dozen female suspects at the Puyallup (Wash.) City Jail are claiming that male police officers inappropriately watched and videotaped them while they were changing into jail uniforms.

Most of the women were DUI suspects who say they were forced to strip naked in a holding cell to change into jail clothes. They initially didn’t know they were being recorded on a system that could be seen by multiple male jailers, KING 5 News reported.

The women had not yet been convicted of any crimes.

“I was told I needed to take off all my garments and change into the uniform,” said one woman, who was charged with DUI in April.

She says she refused the order because four male guards and one male inmate were nearby. She demanded the presence of a female officer.

“Basically I was harassed for not doing it and put back in the holding cell and made to stay there for about 12 hours,” the woman said.

The City of Puyallup has stated that filming prisoners while they change is a common industry standard and that they would not change the practice.

“The jail videos we’ve watched so far don’t show any inappropriate activity. In fact, the corrections officers are acting very professionally,” Puyallup City Attorney Kevin Yamamoto said.

KING 5 reported that jail experts they spoke with called the practice “highly unusual and improper.”

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