Trapped pit bull rescued after four days in sewer

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(Credit: KTVI screengrab)

ST. LOUIS — A pit bull was rescued after being trapped for four days in a St. Louis-area sewer.

Neighbors say the animal got into the storm sewer on Saturday and couldn’t get out. People were feeding and checking on it while trying to find help, KTVI reported.

Eventually, a stray rescue volunteer managed to coax the animal to an area with a manhole cover. Rescuers were then able to drug the dog and hoist it out.

The dog will eventually be put up for adoption.

Read the full story at KTVI.



  • freethought

    It’s a pit bull. Do not put it up for adoption. Put it up for execution before it does more than cause a worthless nuisance.

  • ProudPitOwner

    So what if this dog happened to be a German Shepherd? Would you still feel that way? Maybe a Chihuahua? Don’t say a dog should be put down because of it’s breed. If you look at the national numbers there are more attacks from German Shepherd’s than pit bulls. People like you piss us pit bull owners off. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

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