Elementary school teacher suspended, accused of child abuse

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UPDATE: After an investigation Kenneth Kronheim was cleared of any wrongdoing and the charges against him were dropped.

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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. -- With classes at Dupont Elementary dismissed, parents greeted their children doing their usual routine,  reviewing letters sent home from the school principal.

Thursday’s letter brought parents news of a Dupont school suspension, not of a student, but of a third grade teacher.

“I don’t have enough information,” said parent Genny Gonzales.

But we found the details of the alleged misconduct in this Adams County sheriff’s report citing 3rd grade teacher Kenneth Kronheim with child abuse.

According to the report another teacher witnessed Kronheim acting inappropriately with a student and reported it Wednesday.

The report says the teacher first heard, “yelling in the hallway.”  The witness came from her classroom and says she saw Kronheim allegedly saying, ‘I don’t know why you think you can have a fit in class. Now you are going to see someone have a fit.'

The witness stated she saw (Kronheim) then grabbed (the students) arm in an aggressive manner.  She says Kronheim pulled (the student) down the hall … holding (his) arm up so it was hard for him to walk.”

At his home, Kronheim refused to answer questions about the allegations.

They're serious enough allegations that when the school principal watched the incident on Dupont’s security cameras she immediately notified police.



  • Holly Mason

    How is it that you can release this man’s picture and name without having the full story…because you DON’T have the full story. He doesn’t even teach 3rd grade, for starters.

  • TheRealTruth

    Don’t show the parents.

    Don’t show the race.

    Pretend like Detroit and Zimbabwe are all just a coincidence.

  • Dupont Parent

    The student was white, and that’s a fact. And Mr. K does not act like this. He has done wonders for his students.. For him to lose his cool that way something serious had to have happened. And I fully agree with the first comment, you don’t have the full story..how dare you put his picture and name for all to see because now no matter what the outcome he is tarnished forever now. His actions may not have been wise, but given the environment he has to work in I don’t think anyone should be judging too harshly. Mr. K it will be ok and just know that not everything thinks bad of you, we’re praying for you.

  • Concerned Citizen

    What a DISGRACE that you, FOX31, release this man’s name when he has NOT been convicted of anything…you choose to completely disgrace a person to get your story even though you may not have all the facts. And then, based on your story, you went to his home?!!! I hope, when his name is cleared, that he sues you for defamation of character. You people in the media are vultures…

  • millie rodriguez

    I know Kenneth Kronheim since the ’80s. There could be teachers as good as he is, but no better than him. Besides, he an incredible human being! There is something more behind that incident. I wish we have more teachers like him.

  • Karan Bowman

    I know the boy and I know the teacher, and my granddaughter witnessed what happened. Kenneth Kronheim is a fine teacher, and a kind person. Fox 13 I am surprised at you. If you knew the boy, if you knew the teacher, your report would be very different, you really should get your story straight. And for “the real truth” They are all white, and I know the parents and even they do not wish Mr K to be punished. I did not see the video, but according to my grand, it was not abuse.

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