Woman: Video obtained by FOX31 Denver shows Berthoud officer beating child

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DENVER -- The town of Berthoud's police chief and a second officer were on leave and under criminal investigation Monday.

Earlier in the day it was reported that a Sergeant from the Larimer County Sheriff's Office was acting police chief for Berthoud.

FOX31 Denver spoke with the accuser in this case Monday night and obtained a video she says she turned over to Berthoud police in April, and the police chief did nothing about it.

The accuser claims the video shows her ex-boyfriend, a Berthoud police officer, allegedly beating his child.

A warning: the video the accuser claims she sent to police is difficult to watch.

FOX31 Denver verified the video was shot by the woman who claims it shows a Berthoud police officer repeatedly striking a child. We are not identifying the accuser at her request.

The video shows a man hitting the child and then kicking her.

The woman gave an exclusive interview to FOX31 Denver.

"It was a video that I [mailed] out to several agencies," she says.

The woman took the video because she says she once dated the officer. We are not naming the officer because even though he is under investigation he has not been charged.

The accuser says she sent the video to the Berthoud Police Department last spring.

"I emailed the video to the chief in April," she says.

A Berthoud town official says two weeks ago Loveland police served a search warrant on the Berthoud Police Department and seized chief Glenn Johnson's computer and other evidence.

A short time later the city suspended the chief and the other officer.

FOX31 Denver reached the accused officer at his home but he declined to comment. The officer asked the public for patience. He claims the truth will eventually come forward.

Two different sources with allegiances to the Berthoud Police Department tell us the woman is going to be charged criminally for domestic violence.

The town is going to hold a public meeting Tuesday evening to inform residents about what is happening with the police department.

Berthoud officials said late Monday night that the Larimer County District Attorney and Loveland Police Department are conducting a criminal investigation of two officers. No charges have been filed.

LINK: You can send anonymous tips to tips@kdvr.com or call 303-566-7575

Here is a statement from the town's website:

"...to ensure that the police department is fully capable of serving and protecting Town members, the officers against whom the allegations have been made have been placed on temporary administrative leave. In the interim, the Town has engaged the services of an independent agency to conduct an internal investigation and to assist the Berthoud police department in their day to day operations."

Town officials say police services for Berthoud residents are not impacted.

Berthoud is four miles west of I-25 just south of Loveland.



  • Don

    The woman who took the video is going to be charged with domestic violence and yet the male officer actually engaged in child abuse is still under investigation? WTF?

  • Lucy Robinson

    This is one of the reasons that people don’t want to get involved because of our sick and unfair system. I’m glad that lady did what was right. I was engaged to a cop until the abuse started and I know that a lot of them need to be put behind bars more so than some of the people that are already there. God Bless You for trying to help!!!!!

  • Esmerelda Clovington (@essieclovington)

    Did I just hear that correctly? They are charging the woman, who sent the video to the police chief, with domestic violence? Seriously? So, let me get this straight, a COP is guilty of domestic violence but the woman who sent the video to the Chief of Police is charged with domestic violence. A video, a video of PROOF of bad behavior gets her charged? Classic no-win. Do the right thing, get punished, Don’t do anything, watch a child be punished. This is WRONG.

  • Heather

    He punished the child for eating CARROTS ??? even if she ate a whole box of twinkies, SO WHAT – the child did not deserve to be hit and kicked like that. What is he teaching her? To expect to be treated like that as someone’s wife?? what a jerk I hope the accuser wins.

  • Alicia Love

    I think it is sad they are first to come out and say that this woman is being charged with such and such charges however they have nothing to do with the girl being beaten for eating a carrot. Why are they so fast to charge her however she tried to make this Known in april and still no charges have been filed. It is very sad

  • Heather

    This is disgusting!! The woman is being charged with domestic violence?!?! Are you kidding me??? What a joke out judicial system is. There is plain evidence of this officer beating/abusing his child regardless of the reason. IT IS WRONG!! He and the police Chief should be immediately FIRED and the officer jailed for child abuse. I smell a cover-up!!

  • Frank

    I don’t know the context, but I know I saw him hit and kick the child. That is grounds for arrest right there. Don’t need context. He must feel like a real man inflicting pain on a kid for the nefarious crime of eating carrots from the fridge. Rot in jail, pig.

  • Katie Laney

    who punishes a kid for making healthy choices?? If my kid ate carrots from the fridge, I would throw him a damn party… Berthoud and Loveland cops think they are above the law and can’t be touched, I hope this comes as a lesson to the rest of them, that they are not invincible… Too bad the law enforcement corruption will never end

  • Johnnny

    She’s being punished because she didn’t report the crime right away. She kept quiet. Now that she doesn’t “date” the officer anymore she’s willing to come forward. There’s probably apathy, cowardice, and a little bit of “a woman scorned” happening there.

  • Cathy Dodge

    The story is confusing. The woman who reported and filmed her ex-boyfriend hitting his kid, what, did he invite her over to film it? Where was the alleged “current girlfriend,” who was charged with aiding the abuse? I don’t see her in the video. And, if you were being filmed hitting a child, would there even be evidence? Something is wrong with this story. If Miley Cyrus had a few spankings in her teens, maybe she would be a role model today, instead of a floozy. I do not condone kicking a child by the way, I was disciplined as a pre-teen with the belt a couple of times…my dad’s spanking hand on my fanny a couple of times, and the back of a hairbrush once on the behind. Never in the face.
    When my teen daughter came home 1 hour late from school and I questioned her, (after fearing something had happened to her) she smugly told me it was “no big deal”, and I slapped her face, yes I did. Knocked her right off her feet. She is 30 years old today, and thanks me for teaching her respect. She has 4 children now, and they are great kids. She is a wonderful mom. What this policeman did was wrong, because he knew he was being filmed, and he kicked his kid.

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  • Debbie

    I am concerned, why did it take from April to now for her to report nothing was done? Also why wasn’t she helping the child instead of taping it, or at least be calling 911 while she was taping.

  • M. Redleg

    You people should get the whole story before you open your big mouths. Is it really that difficult to wait and find out the real facts?? To those like “Jello Beyoncé” that kind of comment is just plain ignorant but maybe that’s just how you roll.

  • S.M

    Wow funny how people can judge others life so freely when I’m sure we all have skeletons in the closet. Where’s the rest of the story?? I think all who have a negative comment should check out channel 4 news they have a small view of the other side of the story but what’s messed up is that that isn’t getting such big coverage. The ex-is a psycho you should see the mug shot they have of her. You can clearly tell it’s a revenge plot to conveluded her criminal case

  • Birdlady

    I have always heard that the only difference between the cops and the crooks is which side of bars they are on, otherwise there is not much difference. I am beginning to believe it.

  • Debra Paschal

    To SM-,no matter the couples history,a grown man has no business BEATING a child..there is a difference between discipline & abuse a-hole!!!!

  • cjm

    Obviously, you can tell she was trying to video tape without him knowing she was. It was dark, and when he stood up and kicked the girl, she put the phone down when he faced her way. The news states she sent this in April and nothing happened until now. They are now broke up.

  • Algore Cowfart

    Likewise, Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities near them, which like them committed sexual sins and pursued homosexual activities, serve as an example of the punishment of eternal fire.

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