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Family struggling as government shutdown delays paychecks indefinitely

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AURORA, Colo. -- In the wake of the government shutdown, many families are struggling to figure out how to pay their bills unable to determine when their next paycheck will arrive. Among those families, many of whom are still required to go to work during the shutdown, is the Hawks of Aurora.

"I know I'll be paid eventually, when that day is going to come I'm not quite sure," said Jeremy Hawks, an employee of the Transportation Security Administration at Denver International Airport. Hawks is sharing his story hoping others will realize how the shutdown is impacting ordinary families. The single father is already cutting back on groceries, his Netflix subscription, and is not able to afford Halloween costumes for his two sons.

"I still have to put food on my table, I still have to put gas in my car and make it work so I don't' end up losing my job." added Hawks.

Many shutdown impacted government employees expect to earn back pay for their work during the crisis. However, it's not been made clear how long it would take for those employees to be paid back.



  • john swanson

    So the pain the private sector has been feeling,,over 20 million unemployed is now being felt by the public sector…..and now,,,,,,,,,what?

  • Marty

    Use the 6 months of savings to cover 6 months worth of all household bills-you know, what people have known they need to have for years. Everyone should have that money set aside of course. They can pay it back later but that’s what it is there for.

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