KeyMe app allows you to create a digital backup of your keys

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DENVER -- We hear so much about storing our photos, documents and music “in the cloud,” but who would have thought that we would be storing keys in the cloud?

That’s exactly what a new app does. It’s called KeyMe.

KeyMe is described as a digital key chain. You load up the app and jump into the “Scan A New Key” section to begin.

Using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you snap two pictures of a standard key. One of the front and one of the back.

The photos are uploaded to the KeyMe server and analyzed. The app attempts to scan the key and store its info for you.

In Kirk Yuhnke's testing of the app, it took a few tries to get the lighting and pictures just right so KeyMe could recognize his key's pattern. Once successful, your key is stored in the cloud and hit shows up on your digital key ring.

Once it’s in the cloud, you can order a copy of your key. Prices are $4 to $7 each with free shipping to your front door. Shipping took about a week when Kirk ordered his custom Denver Broncos house key.

If you find yourself in a bind and need a key ASAP, there’s an option for that.  You can pay $10, and KeyMe will display instructions for a locksmith to create a new key for you. You will have to pay the locksmith as well. Nonetheless, it’s a lot cheaper than having to re-key your house.

KeyMe is currently only available for iOS. It also only supports certain types of keys.  For example, it wouldn’t work with Kirk's scooter key, but worked just fine with his standard house key. The company says it’s working to expand compatibility with more keys. KeyMe is also working to build physical key printing kiosks so you could order a key and pick it up within minutes at a local kiosk. So far, the only kiosks are in New York City.

KeyMe is a great idea and it’s super simple to use. You can store your keys in the cloud and give yourself peace of mind.

KeyMe is available for iOS and is free. You can store your keys in the cloud for free, but will have to pay to get copies and locksmith instructions.

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  • Myke Hermann

    This sounds like a good idea… until someone hacks into their database and has your address and exact instructions to make keys to your house.

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