School bans tag because it’s too dangerous

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NASHUA, N.H. — It’s the part of the day many students most look forward to.

Recess is as old as the school day itself and so are some of the games kids play there.

But kids at Charlotte Avenue Elementary in Nashua, N.H. need to find a new favorite now that the principal has banned the game of tag in the name of safety, reported The Telegraph.  It’s a decision seemingly justified when she told the students about the new rule earlier this week.

“She had us raise our hands if we got pushed or anything at recess by accident,” said 5th grader Lily Brookes. A lot of kids raised their hands, she said.

Fourth grader Kendall Corcoran was one of them.

“Somebody shoved me and I fell. I was fine. I got up and was like I’m ok so I started playing,” Kendall said.

Her dad sees that as just as much an education as reading and writing. It’s a lesson in life.

“When they get into that position, meetings board meetings, they’ll have the confidence to stand up for themselves,” said parent Bill Corcoran.

School officials say injuries should be avoided at all costs. An announcement posted on the school’s website and Facebook page reads in part “the force with which students ‘tag’ varies greatly, and this game, in particular, has been banned in many schools in the United States due primarily to concerns about injuries.”

“I think the minute you use the word safety all conversation is supposed to stop,” said parent Bill Chrisholm. “Now if we take that to the extreme, none of us could do anything. If we want to be 100 percent safe, you’re never gonna have that.”



  • Kathy Slavik

    Work at a Day Camp here in CO. Yes, kids get hurt, but they thrive on fun and games. It builds character and make friends and learn how to play on teams. This is part of life. If we can’t deal with it, then GOD forbid we ever have any conflict or pain. I bet if they asked those kids if they’d play tag again, they would. There are SO many kinds of tag to, where they wouldn’t get hurt and don’t require pushing.
    They just need to be more creative before they ban it.

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