Proposed Denver ordinance would make pot odor illegal in public

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DENVER -- Supporters of Amendment 64 which legalized recreational marijuana use in Colorado when voters approved it last November, are angry at the Mayor of Denver and City Council.

Some call Mayor Michael Hancock a hypocrite. They had a poster Friday that pictured the mayor holding a beer and a caption that read, "Mayor Michael Hancock publicly celebrates beer."

Denver leaders are considering a law that makes the odor of marijuana illegal in public places. The ordinance will also place other restrictions on the public use and even display of marijuana inside city limits.

Amendment 64 backers say the proposal flies in the face of what voters approved. Hancock says you have to try to balance what is best for all residents of the city.

Council is expected to vote on the law Monday. If it passes, it will go into effect right away.

Kent Erdahl explains the proposal in his video report.



  • April

    Now they’re getting downright stupid. What about the smelly drunks wandering around, theres no law against the odor of alcohol. That’s ok, theres always the rempen or edibles. They should focus more on a law where crackheads aren’t allowed to tweak in public too then.

  • David

    Dont see how this is any different than smoking bans (tobacco) in bars, etc. The smell is terrible. Smoke in your own home. Leave everyone out of it.

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