Prosecutors say they have new evidence against James Holmes

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DENVER -- Prosecutors in the case of Aurora theater gunman James Holmes say they have new evidence against him.

At a court hearing Thursday, they said the evidence demonstrates rational behavior from him.

Holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in shooting and killing 12 people at the Century 16 theaters in Aurora in July 2012.

More information is in Justin Joseph's video report.



  • anthony al

    Throw him in jail already.
    Whats up with the long, long ,long delay?
    How is it that other people who commit severe crimes are sent to jail right away,yet, this mass murderer has not?
    This makes no sense at all.
    I’m ashamed of our court system.

  • boldaq

    How much evidence do you need? Human predators should be put down immediately for the sake of the victims families. Nothing else matters.

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